Question: About Golems

“Was Adama a golem?”~Querent.
“Adama/Adamu/Adamue was not a golem, but rather the first genetic-hybrid male and he was the pre-cursor to Homo Sapiens. He was carried by Ninmah. He was intelligent, but did not have the gift of language.
Nibiruans tell history in terms of allegorical stories. In order for a being’s genetics to be viable it must be compatible with the metals and minerals available within the environment. Adamu was created using the minerals and metals from the soil of Earth in the region where he was born–hence the reference to being made from clay.
A golem is a being made of clay that can be animated and controlled verbally by a–for lack of a better word–magician. This being is imbued with an elemental life-force that gives it free agency of movement while doing the work of a master. This is similar to a Beast of Burden made of Earth, not an animal. Few people possess this ancient knowledge anymore. The animating commands come from an ancient language that is used by the master to animate it, as well as destroy it. It is incredibly strong, indestructible and possesses no conscience to self-evaluate. It simply does as it’s commanded to do.”~Prince Ea/EnKi/Shiva/Akhenaten.
(BalMuhr followed. Shared as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
(Photo:CC0 License.)

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