Question: Who Was the Annunaki Alalu?

“I am in another Annunaki group and someone asked who Alalu was. I read that he was somehow related to Enki. Will you ask him about this?”~A question for Prince Ea/Enki.
“Alalu was the former King of Nibiru/SaAme, before my father Anu. Alalu and my father were cousins.
Alalu’s reputation was tarnished by several acts that have been written about many times. Though it is true that he could be considered a ‘loose cannon’, he had many more positive attributes that aren’t so well-known.
He took power from an inept ruler during a time when Nibiruans’ survival depended upon action on behalf of its citizens. Alalu was brave and brazen–he was never afraid to act, even if it ended in misfortune.
Alalu was courageous.
Alalu was a staunch advocate for the underdog and did all he could to stand up for those underdogs with whom he identified. If there was a person who believed the phrase,’it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,’ it was Alalu.
Alalu was a man who I would describe as jolly. He was tall, muscular with light-brown, wavy hair. Many people enjoyed his company, and I was no exception. He was a good father and doted on his children and grandchildren.
He was an empathetic man and I discovered this firsthand in my young adulthood.
Few know this, but I married my first wife,NoResa,when I was very young. The second I touched her, I knew I was ruined for other women and I intentionally put a child inside of her so I could marry her. She died having delivering that child (who also died at birth) and I was devastated. It was like falling out of the sky, slamming into the Earth and living through it. You wish you were dead.
Though I felt many thought I was foolish for marrying the woman in the first place and foolish for grieving, Alalu made certain I understood that he grieved for me. I knew he respected my grief and saw it not as the grief of a boy, but as the grief of a widower who had just lost his family in one swift breath. He gained all my respect for how he comforted me through that hellish time.
He also was very compassionate when my engagement to Ninmah ended in my humiliation. I think that compassion spilled over into elation when I later married his daughter, DamKina. I believe he was happy to help bring some joy into my life, as I was bringing in to his.
He welcomed not only me into his family, but our son, Marduk shortly afterward. He adored Marduk and sat with him every day to play. Alalu was good to his family. I don’t believe many alive know that.
When he was deposed from the throne by my father, he fled Nibiru and came to Earth. Coming to Earth was an attempt to redeem himself and not only show that he could contribute significantly to helping to save Nibiru’s atmosphere, but also to help protect his family left on it.
Later, after my father arrived on Ki/Earth along with my brother, Alalu was enraged at how it appeared that all of mine and my son’s inheritances were trumped by my brother’s desires. Alalu believed that all that had belonged to myself and Marduk had been taken and transferred to Enlil as soon as Anu came into power. Alalu recognized all of my contributions to Nibiru and felt proper recognition and acknowledgement were taken from me and given to someone else. It was this unfair treatment that precipitated the infamous wrestling match between Alalu and my father. At the end of it all, Alalu died standing up for me–I still believe I was his favorite underdog.
He was sent to Lahmu/Mars to die. He is buried on the surface of Mars–the ancient, heavily-weathered, difficult-to-distinguish face on Mars’s surface is Alalu’s tomb.
Alalu was the only deceased King of Nibiru who is not buried there.
He was a pleasant, empathetic man who made serious miscalculations with his fate due to impulsiveness. He was courageous and took what he wanted if he thought it was the right thing to do. He loved his family and stood up for those who weren’t able to advocate for themselves. (I see this trait in my Molinara–in her moxy when she stands up for those she loves. This is an excellent trait to possess.)
I believe Alalu should be remembered for his excellence of character, because he was a noble man and I admire him still. More would do well in this world to stand up for the less fortunate while being simultaneously pleasant people.
If BalMuhr is followed, this may be shared on Orion Oracle.”
“Thank you, Prince Ea.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Prince Ea/Enki of Nibiru.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: Face on Mars 1976. Public Domain.)



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