Question: Meaning of Ardhanarishwara?

“What does the term ‘Ardhanarishvara’ mean? Are you a male with feminine body shape or does it mean you are comfortable with your feminine side? Can you please elaborate?”~A Querent for Lord Enki/Prince Ea/Lord Shiva.
“This answer will be long.
It has meaning on many levels.
The first level would be on a Soul-Pattern level. It’s a form of Soul Anatomy related to Soul Mates or Twin Flames. It is a soul that chooses to permanently forego complete self-division into both female and male. It is clearly divided until it reaches the root, where it remains connected. In Dragon tongue, this is called ‘BoICiKah’ (Pronounced Bow-EE-See-Kah). It’s a growth-decision, exploring self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an extremely difficult and painful choice because one must start at the bottom of the energetic spectrum and work their way up…and it is tumultuous toil. One must go from self-hate and work to self-love. One literally works their way out of Hell and on to Heaven with no free rides. This is how Shiv/Parvati exist.
There are only 13 of us on Earth. They are called White Lotuses because they begin as a seed in the mud and grow toward the light. When they reach the light, they blossom as the lotus does. White indicates enlightenment, not arrogance. It’s like a Buddha. It represents a person who is qualified to teach on Earth because they have real-world knowledge of the pain of this realm and have achieved mastery of life. A White-Lotus/Ardhanarishvara is literally a self-made Master.
Shiv/Shakti are an example of a White Lotus/Ardhanarishvara/BoICiKah. This is the first meaning.
The second is for a Male and Female to be accepting of their feminine/masculine sides. For example, I understand my feminine aspects and know how to use them to benefit myself and my family. My wife finds my feminine aspects highly Tantrically-pleasing, so I use them to my advantage in that way. Though I have those aspects, my wife knows I am strong enough to protect her and our family. I am comfortable with my wife’s masculine aspect and I know she is also strong enough to protect us. I am not threatened by her masculine aspects, nor is she threatened by my feminine ones.
The third meaning may come as a bit of a strange revelation to many, but to some it will make sense.
I have, at several points in my life, had feminine physical features, such as enlarged hips and breasts. That is why Shiva is often depicted as having breasts on one side and none on the other. This change is due to certain medications that I take when I have surgery. It alters my body chemistry and I develop feminine physical features.
(I can feel my wife’s anxiety rise as I prepare to say this.
Drumroll for the strange revelation…)
This is evident in my appearance during my time in Egypt when I was known as the Pharoah Akhenaten.
I did not have Marfan Syndrome as some suggest.
Not long after I stepped in to impersonate Amenhotep after his untimely death, I was involved in a serious Mu crash. I crushed my pelvis and shattered my femurs beyond repair.
I was taken to a medical center that once existed at Tel Amarna, where my sister Ninmah/Nefertiti (the Chief Medical Officer of Earth) was flown in to perform a transplant surgery to replace both femurs and my entire pelvis with metal ones.
My torso and thighs were swollen for years afterwards as I recovered. My two daughters from Ninmah arrived to help watch over me during my recovery (they are both doctors) as did Amenhotep’s children (who I had been tasked with raising until Tulti was old enough to ascend the throne. Tulti was our nickname for TutAnkhAmun.
I want to add that he did not have Marfan Syndrome, either. Anything that can be interpreted as deformity was, in all likelihood, an injury. I raised Tulti to be a warrior because I knew he would have to fight for everything he had once he ascended the throne. The physical reconstructions I’ve seen of him are highly inaccurate–and frankly, insulting. Tulti was a handsome boy and a ladies’ man. I’ll speak more on this at a later time.)
To validate those who believe Akhenaten was not from Earth–you’re correct.
Our daughters (who went through a period of artistic exploration with me at Amarna) shaved their heads to expose and immortalize their elongated skulls in stone.
This was intentional– as a way to raise questions as to our origins in the minds of a few important people who would be born in the future.
Ninmah and I do have elongated skulls, but chose not to expose ours. This is why we kept them covered in royal head-wear.
I am not here to speak extensively about Amarna, so I will end this topic here on the note that I do have feminine physical features when I’m on certain medications.
I will share a photo of a depiction of Ardhanarishvara, as well as a picture of a stele of my recovery where I am leaning on a crutch after learning to walk again. Ninmah hands me a sacred flower, symbolizing that she is my loving healer, which she was–as my surgeon. Some say this stele is of Smenkhare and Meritaten. It isn’t. You can tell by the two lines on the throat of all of Akhenaten stele and carvings. These lines are what is known the Neelkanth of Shiva. Again, I will address this in depth at a future time.”
“Is Ninmah/Nefertiti really that beautiful?”
“More. I like to say she is one of the most intimidatingly beautiful women anyone will ever meet. She is. The famous bust is a perfect representation, in my opinion.”
“Is Nefertiti Parvati?”
“No. Ninmah is her adoptive mother.
This explanation has ran long, so I will end the answer.
If BalMurh is followed, this answer may be shared on Orion Oracle.”
“Thank you, Ea.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted from Source as spoken. Not one word altered or changed. Images Public Domain, Ardhanarishvara and Amarna Stele of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.)

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