Question: Who Was Nandi Bull?

“Who was Nandi Bull?” ~Querent question for Lord Enki/Prince Ea/Shiva.
“Nandi was the nickname of my personal assistant, Aminand. Nandi was sent by my family to run my household as I recovered from a long illness related to my Neelkanth scar.
Nandi is Nibiruan, so he is able to fly a Mu. He would fly to tend to errands on my behalf, delivering messages and correspondence, transporting and escorting my children and purchasing the necessary supplies for the household. This aspect of him being my “Beast of Burden” is one aspect of the ‘Bull’ part of Nandi Bull. He did the work I was unable to do myself at the time–carried the weight I could not.
His wife, StalMon, was Human and she oversaw the care of my children and domestic household duties.
I was a teacher of Tantra at that time, which allowed me to help priestesses in training learn temple practices, but also to heal myself. This pleasurably-healing teaching career blessed me with 10 children. Their mothers would give birth, finish their training and move on to their temples and lives.
I took responsibility for my young ones and with Nandi and StalMon’s help, we raised them to adults of whom a father could be proud.
To the youngest two children, a boy–KartiKai–and a girl–Ilimisi (Ee-Le-Mi-Si. My wife named her and is insisting her name be pronounced correctly). They viewed Parvati was as their mother, calling her Amma (Momma). Ilimisi slept in Parvati’s bed, as we did not share a bed until Ilimisi was an adult with children of her own. (Parvati and I did not like each other as husband and wife when we wed. We were married for many years before we ever looked at each other with love. She was my niece and I her uncle–and we both got on one another’s nerves. It is that way with many arranged marriages. Love comes much later.) KartiKai and Illimisi thought of Nandi and StalMon as grandparents. Parvati thought of them as Uncle and Aunt.
Nandi and StalMon helped Parvati through many trials that she will speak of when she is ready. They were our family.
Nandi is strong, steadfast and is unyeilding in his loyalty and morality. I owe my recovery success in large part to him. This steadfastness and strength is where another aspect of the ‘Bull’ part of Nandi Bull originated.
He retired from his position with me shortly after Parvati’s death in childbirth. My last request for him before I released him from my service was to fly Parvati and our stillborn daughter’s bodies back to her mother. I have seen him a few time since then. He is remarried and has new children in his home. I will forever be his loyal friend for all he gave to my family during those years.
(I feel I need to clarify something. When you hear me speak of my wife, I’m still referring to Parvati, just in a new incarnation. We no longer refer to her as Parvati. We both go by different names.)
As with all my answers, this has carried on long with lots of side stories. I’ll close here.
If BalMuhr is followed, this may be shared on Orion Oracle.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as Spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed. Nandi Bull image: Public Domian.)gigantic-idol-nandi-bull-god-outside-shiva-temple-south-india-divine-vehicle-lord-divine-messenger-who-66544085.jpg

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