Commentary: Dragon’s Thoughts on Race, Part 4

TMolinara Quoteonight’s post will be the last commentary post by an Orion Dragon Contributor concerning the controversial topic of Race.
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“I have lived in many places and witnessed racism firsthand more times than I care to have witnessed it. I’ve had my heart broken by it.
I spent many years of my youth beneath the thumb of an abusive, misogynist racist. I heard nothing but negative comments about people of color by this person–even when the comments were directed at educated and kind people of color.
In my young mind, I could not reconcile how an uneducated, abusive racist could be superior to a kind, educated person of color. I learned that the heart of racism is ignorance–and cruelty usually follows close behind. Living in a household filled that type of toxicity has given me no tolerance for that type of behavior. (I believe Ea’s family to be far more patient with that type of behavior than I am.)
Racism pulls forward in me this feeling of pain and anger over being judged for something that a person can’t help. It was the way I was treated every day during that time in my youth. (The racist person in whose house I was raised disliked me because of my parents’ nationality.) I have no tolerance for it.
As I matured, I was immersed in a multi-cultural environment and learned that all people are capable of good and bad. Color did not determine a good person from a bad one. In fact, many of my closest friends were people of color. They supported me in ways I needed–they made me feel cared-for and worthy of friendship. I admired the dignity with which they handled racist treatment. I learned a great deal about what constitutes quality of character from their actions. Their kindness and friendship opened my heart to the idea that love was not about color.
When Ea and I found one another, color took on a new, positive meaning. It strengthened our bond, because he had experienced racism in his past and that was a pain I could understand. As a result of that I’ve become fiercely protective of him. That protective instinct grew stronger when our children were born. Ea and our children are the most beautiful people I’ve seen. The whole family turns every head when they enter a room, mine included. I’m in awe of them.
I’m grateful I chose not to be influenced into agreeing with the racist opinions I was subjected to in my youth. I would have missed out on the greatest gift of love and devotion…a love that has shaped my life and inspired me to bring forth the best of myself, a love that has helped me love myself.
People should love the person who brings out the absolute best in them, the person who sees and appreciates them for all they are.
It is a blessing to love the entirety of a person and stand back and admire them for the work of art they are. Though I know he isn’t everyone’s favorite person, to me, Ea is a work of perfection. His color is a part of that perfection–like the paint an artist chooses to create a masterpiece. It’s the Creator’s choice what color a person is. I’m not arrogant enough to challenge the Creator’s artistic vision. I trust the Creator and am grateful for the blessing I’ve been given in Ea and our family.
It’s my hope that one day, this world will be a place where everyone is encouraged to love the one who moves their heart and shifts its axis–regardless of what color their skin is. I would love to live in that world. I believe Ea feels the same way.”
“I do.” ~Prince Ea.
Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on this.”
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.)

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