Commentary: Dragon’s Thoughts on Race, Part 3

Today’s post is the third in a series of commentaries from the Nibiruan Royal Family concerning their thoughts over the controversial topic of Race.
This commentary will be by Orion Oracle’s regular contributor, Prince Ea (Lord Enki/Shiva/Akhenaten).
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Prince Ea:
“My father’s and sister’s previous posts stated eloquently their personal thoughts on the subject of Race and each stated that our family supports the peaceful coexistence of all Peoples on Earth. I, too, am in agreement with them.
I feel that there is room on this planet for all to live and thrive in peace. Peace has been achieved and sustained among multicultural and multiracial groups at other times in this planet’s history. We will live to see it again.
Peace begins with the smallest unit of society–the family. Families committed to peace among different peoples teach peace at the hearth, beginning at birth.
In my post, I would like to speak of two things. Racial Peace taught at the family hearth and Racial Peace in the blood of families. These are two things that are of paramount importance to me on a deeply personal level, not only because I am a Bi-Racial child, but because my children are Bi-racial.
I have read many historical articles based on conjecture and have seen the conceptual pictures that show Enki (and Poseidon) being represented as pale-skinned. That is false. I am a dark-skinned man with hazel eyes and dark, curly hair. If one were to meet me, I would appear to be from the Middle East or India. (There are several examples of my appearance in Egypt and the Middle East on carvings and statues, most notably from Tel-Amarna during my brief time ruling as Akhenaten.)
I appreciate all races–all colors fascinate me. I have family among all the races and I appreciate their uniqueness and skin color is only a part of that uniqueness. However, their skin color is not what sets them apart–it’s the good they do for others. That’s one of the best measures of character and worth. (I’ve lived long enough to know that skin color is no mask for quality of character. To allow skin color to be the first and best judge of a person’s worth is to be easily deceived.)
I have lived for many years among my family in Ireland and Scotland. I have great love for these people–they have endured some of the greatest difficulties and still kept their spirits strong–many have kept their ancient traditions and knowledge of their origins protected, which I respect. The Dragons, Tuatha De Danann and Magic people of these places are still alive and strong thanks to the devotion of many loyal Irish and Scottish people.
(I’ll now share an interesting side story about the Tuatha de Danann–the Tribe of D’Anu. The ‘Goddess Danu’ is my neice–a granddaughter of Anu.This neice spent time with me in Amarna when I was recovering from my surgeries. She later returned to her home in Ireland, bringing with her another neice–a daughter of Amenhotep, Meketaten (also, AmunTaten–though this was not what we called her.) Meketaten married a young warrior from ancient Scotland–a Scythian/ Dragon Prince related to Maelesanu– and together they had 8 children.
She died in a horse accident–she fell from a horse while riding pregnant. She miscarried and died from hemorrhaging. This story is well known among the Scots, for it is from her name their country originates. She is known in history as ‘Scota’, though we called her Scolmi–‘She Who Feeds Foals from Her Hands.’ She was an accomplished horsewoman–I raised Amenhotep’s children around horses–her brother, Tulti/Tut-Ankh-Amun included.
While I am on the subject of Scolmi–I should clear up a common historical misconception. There is an idea in the heads of Egyptian historians that I married Meketaten, impregnated her and that she died in childbirth.
This is false. Though Scolmi did die during premature birth, the young woman Nefertiti and I were known to grieve over was Kiya (Parvati) who had also died during childbirth.
During my lifetime as Shiv, Parvati and I spent several years in Amarna–which has known many names at other times in Egyptian history. It was there we had lost two daughters from premature birth. [It was actually known by a different name then, but modern historians call it Tel-Amarna.]
I had never fully recovered from Parvati’s death, even as Akhenaten. These stories and pictures illustrate the grief I felt then. I hated Amarna–it had nothing but negative memories for me. I only stayed for the medical care that was available there at the time–that’s a story for another time. I’ll return to my post.)
The reason I speak of the people of Ireland and Scotland when I speak of Race is because they are almost entirely comprised of light-skinned people and, in this incarnation, my wife, Molinara, has chosen to be born a descendant of the People of Ireland. She is a fair, rose-skinned delight–a Scythian/Human child. Our children are a striking combination of her light and my dark skin…beautiful children of whom we could not be more proud.
We wish it to be known that Lina and I support interracial marriages and families. Our love for each other has been enriched by our skin colors, never made less from them. We tell our children, ‘God is an artist who doesn’t paint with a single color.’ We believe this…we live this.
We teach our children this in our example in the home. At the Family Hearth, we express our appreciation of the beauty of diversity in our speech and affection. We don’t withhold our love of that which is different and we openly express it in front of our children from the moment they join the family at the Hearth.
Nothing has been more beautiful for me to see than our dark, curly-haired babies at their mother’s pale breast, feeling the contentment and love of two parents who adore them and each other.
To me, it is appreciating–and expressing this appreciation– of these moments where the seeds of Peace are sewn. Our children have grown up knowing dark and light CAN and DO love each other and get along. This is where we begin to teach Peace through differences.
I am supremely grateful to be allowed to witness this splendid time.
I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on Race.”
~Prince Ea of Nibiru/ Lord EnKi.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as shared by Source, not one altered or changed.
Interracial Family Photo by Michael Morse. CC0 License.)adults-affection-blur-1261813.jpg

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