Commentary: A Nibiruan’s Thought On Race, Part 2

Today’s post is the second in a series concerning the Nibiruan’s and Orion Dragon’s stand on the controversial subject of Race.
As always, reasonable discourse is encouraged. All comments will be moderated.
Princess Ninmah, firstborn child of Anu, King of Nibiru will be sharing her thoughts on Race in this post.
***Ninmah:” I was instrumental in the creation of early Homo Sapiens. My medical education focused heavily on genetics and disease prevention, as well as its roll in the healing of injuries. When the approval was given by the Council of Nibiru to allow for the experimentation in creating a new being that would carry the burden of gold extraction from within Earth, my brother asked for my assistance. I was hesitant, at first. I wanted no hand in creating a being that would take over the suffering of our own Nibiruan miners. Transferring the burden from one thing to another thing, to ease the suffering of one thing by cause the suffering of another being, bothered me more than can be known. However, it was for the sake of my home, Nibiru, that I agreed. It was my intention to return there with my children once the atmosphere had completely stabilized. I regarded it as necessary for the sake of my family–for my children–and that’s why I agreed to help.
It was a long process, thousands of years of experimentation coupled with the anxiety over miners who were growing more aggressive every day. We feared the word would come one day that they had revolted against us. This encouraged us to work as hard as we could to create beings who could not only procreate, but understand, learn and speak–beings who could understand the methods used in mining ore and using machinery.
Our first little ones were unable to speak. They could only smile and interact with us through gesturing. They understood us because we were their parents.
I carried the first child, Adamueh (Adamu) and nursed him. He was my baby in all ways, but he could never put into words his thoughts. Fortunately, he didn’t need to with me as his mother. This situation would not be suitable in the generations to follow him.
And many generations did follow him–generations filled with experimenting with the genetic manipulation that would allow these children to speak and understand. It was not until Ea’s children, Adapa and Titi, were born that we discovered that the traits we were searching for came from the sperm, not the ovum. It was with this discovery (and several modifications to their genes) that we successfully created the first Homo Sapiens most like the contemporary beings we see today.
All of these children were the color of my brother and myself. We both carry the same color as my father, Anu. We are dark-skinned with curly black hair–(as the people of the Middle East or India look today. A bust of myself when I was known as Nefertiti is the best example of my appearance, though the glaze is slightly lighter than my skin.) I have dark brown eyes and my brother’s eyes are a golden hazel color. We called these first generations the ‘Dark-Headed Children’ because of their hair. We loved them all and were never cruel to them. My brother and I are not cruel people by nature and considered them our own children.
The different races that we see now were introduced over the eons for reasons that will be taught at a later time.
At no time in history has my family viewed any color skin better or worse than another. We have always judged on deeds, never the amount of melanin in the skin.
Skin color is the way one judges others when one hasn’t been taught their own sense of discernment or how to use their own inner guidance to detect a good person from a bad person. This has been the downfall of many who let skin color rule their judgement. It is a dangerous, deceptive thing to place one’s trust in when it comes to safety and self-preservation. It is the misguided believe that skin color determines intelligence and worth that is abused by those in power. It is this belief, coupled with the delusion of religious superiority that will keep People in chains.
It is my hope that people will learn this and learn to develop and trust their own inner guidance systems that detect and analyze the energetic patterns the human body emits. These energetic patterns tell everything to the person who knows how to listen to them.
My own children and grandchildren are of every color–both fair and dark skinned. One of my daughters is so light skinned, she won’t go in the sun without being covered because she’ll burn a painful red. My other daughters are various shades of beautiful bronze brown, depending upon where they are living and how much sun exposure they get. I love them equally. I am their family and they are mine. That’s all that matters. They watch after me and I watch after them. That we recognize we are family is what I feel is most important–in the future it will be vital.
In my medical practice, I regularly review radiology and resonant images. When I look at these images, I can discern exactly where the illness lies, but I can’t tell what color the person is. Skin color plays no role in how I treat people.
You are all created in the same way. Let that be the root of your thoughts when you view your fellow Humans.
I thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you.”
“Thank you, Ninmah.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Princess Ninmah of Nibiru/***Ninharsag.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted exactly as spoken by Source. Not one word changed or altered.
Images: Public Domain photo of Nefertiti.)Nefertiti-Was-no-Pharaoh

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