Commentary: A Nibiruan’s Thoughts on Race, Part 1

(Commentary Post #1)
***Today the Dragons, along with several Nibiruan family members, would like to speak about a relevant topic they feel passionately about.
Some may find this a topic that triggers anger and disagreement. Orion Oracle administrators request that any discussion that may result from this post remain respectful. Differing opinions are welcome, but must be expressed respectfully. All discussions and comments will be moderated.***
Contributors for these posts: Aeleto & Burmah, Prince Ea & Molinara, Princess NinMah and Anu, King of Nibiru.
(Posts will be divided by speaker and length.)
**Anu: “Thank you to all who read and share this post. It is important to establish where our family stands on matters of race, as it will continue to be a topic Earth struggles with until Earth Humans recognize that Earth belongs to all. No one race or religion controls it, though it may appear that way at first glance.
That no one race or religion is in control is becoming apparent, which is the cause of much cognizant discord for many. I understand this difficulty, because at one time such discord was great on Nibiru.
Dragons, Lyrans, Sirians and Arcturians (as well as other groups) fought amongst each other–many allied against Dragons, as their ways were too different than ours. Though it is a multi-cultural planet, it was not always a peaceful one.
Ea’s mother is Orion Draconian. She is a gifted Scientist and one of the most remarkable women I have had the privilege of knowing. Her husband was a dear friend and valued confidant of mine. He was killed as a result of the disagreements between Nibiruan-Humans and Dragons. His death left 5 children fatherless and a loyal, wonderful woman a widow. I stepped in to help her as I was able.
We both decided to contribute to the effort of peace between Dragons and Nibiruan-Humans by having children together–Children of Alliance and Advantage–in an effort to unite our Houses in peace and set an example for others. Together, she and I have Ea and his younger sister. I could not be more proud of these two children–they represent the finest attributes of both Houses.
It has been a difficult task parenting children with two distinctly different cultures. The main concept that has made it possible was the idea that BOTH of our cultures mattered. None was less important than the other.
We both share the same foundational beliefs about the Spirit and chose to build our children’s foundation upon those communal beliefs–the main belief being that all originate from a Source Creator that is both male/female and that family (no matter which bloodline) is most important. We taught them to take care of one another, no matter if they disagree. These are the things that we have taught to all of our children and they have been the salvation of our families. Disagreements over race or spiritual practice could have easily torn our families apart. Instead, we chose to let them be what kept us together.
For eons, I have watched religion, race and ideology divide the People on Earth. It’s difficult to watch.
However, I have seen one consistent development throughout all of it–Love and compassion do prevail because all Peoples see that these are doorways to growth and development–they are both strengtheners and the way out of hardship.
Myself and my House will always stand for supporting our family–both Dragon, Lyran and Human, because we are for the peaceful progression of life in all its forms and phases.”
“Thank you, Anu.”
“You’re welcome. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak.”
~Anu, King of Nibiru.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken by Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: Arthur Ogleznev. CC0 License)backlit-crystal-ball-dawn-1252893

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