Question: Akhenaten’s Strange Hands?

“I read an online article about Akhenaten that said he had strange hands and long, spindly fingers. It had photos. I read your explanation about your head and body shape as Akhenaten. What about your hands?”~Querent.

“I do have long hands and my fingers are slender with claw-like nails. Human-Dragon hands. My left hand was permanently damaged in an accident when I was a child and I have worn a glove-brace since then. (My wife calls it my ‘Love Hand’ instead of my “glove hand’ because the injury was caused when I was attempting a dangerous task to impress a girl I had a crush on at the time.)
It is also where my moniker ‘Long Hand/Long Arm” came from as Lugh. We expounded on that meaning, to also speak about my realm of influence.
They may look strange, but they are very useful in creating and building things (Or ‘That-Whiches’ as Molinara calls them). I have more manual dexterity than the normal person–either Human or Dragon.
They are excellent for scientific pursuits.I can work with minute parts or large ones easily. They are excellent for playing instruments, especially the banjo and piano–two of my favorites.
I can hold my babies (and they can be big babies) securely in the palm of my hand and that’s a wonderful thing–my favorite thing to use them for.
They can easily support and operate the Trishula, which has many small pieces that must be operated simultaneously in order to work.
Most people’s hands could not do what mine can because of their shape and size.
So,yes, they are strange looking, but I am grateful for them.”~Prince Ea/Enki/Shiv
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken by Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Image: Public Domain. Akhenaten hand stele.)

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