Question: Shiva and Parvati?

“It’s said that Parvati is believed to be more powerful than Shiva. How is that possible?”~Querent.
Molinara: “I don’t think that’s the case. If I were more powerful in anything, I think it would be because I can be volatile and scary.”
Ea:”Yes, you’re terrifying. To quote Shakespeare, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!’
Lina can pull her energy up from either the positive or negative dimensions and work with them in this one. If she says something, it will come true, so she has to be careful with her words. If she thinks something, she can manifest it in this dimension, so she must be careful with thoughts. It’s fun to watch the surprise in her face when something she thought of shows up in her world–she ‘Cosmic Orders.’ ”
Lina: “We can do similar things, so I don’t think that I’m more powerful than you. We each excel in our talents and appreciate them in one another with no competition. I think we are more complimentary of one another than one being more powerful than the other. I can’t view us that way.”
Ea: “Yes, I agree. We do work better together, we each make up for one another’s deficits.”
Lina: “You don’t have any deficits. You’re perfect to me.”
Ea: “Thank you.”
Lina: “I honestly don’t think there’s any foundation for the idea that Parvati is more powerful than Shiva. A husband should not want to be more powerful than his wife, nor should a wife want to be more powerful than her husband. That kind of misalignment can lead to misunderstandings and abuse. I prefer to be alongside Ea, rather than above or beneath him…except in the bedroom. Then anything goes.”
Ea **chuckles**
Lina: “Please, it’s not like the general public hasn’t seen us having sex or seen our private areas before. Yab Yum statues are $10 on eBay. I admire my breasts on every Parvati statue…I look at these statues and then at my chest and…I’m jealous of these statues. Clearly, the person who created them never looked at the breasts of a woman who’s nursed a child. Waiter! I’ll take a pair of breasts like this statue has in a to-go bag, please!”
Ea: **Laughs** “Her humor is more powerful than mine.
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“Thank you, Ea and Lina.”
“You’re welcome.”
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Sources. Not one word altered or changed.
Image: Public Domain. Shiva and Parvati. Unknown artist attribution.)

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