Comment: Prince Ea Introduces His Wife.

This week on Orion Oracle we will continue our discussion concerning Shiva & Parvati by hosting another week-long Q&A event with Lord Enki/ Prince Ea and his wife.
Readers are invited to send questions for the couple through Private Message to Orion Oracle.
Prince Ea has asked to open the Q & A by making a statement followed the first formal public introduction of his wife.
Prince Ea:
“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to make the first introduction for my Most Beloved.
I understand that to many, it may seem strange for a man to want to introduce his wife. Rarely do I see a man who treats his woman with the reverence and respect she deserves and that saddens me.
Thousands of years ago, my wife, Parvati, took her last breath crying on the floor of our quarters inside Mount Kailasa, covered in blood and holding the body of our stillborn daughter. We had lost two daughters before this–both in the same fashion and my wife asked me through her tears, “Why is this happening?” Then she bled out as I held her in my arms. It was one of the worst days of my life.
I don’t tell you this to make you sad, but to show you what is to me of paramount importance in this life–the reverence of Life and Love. It vanishes so quickly. Once they have vanished, you are eternally left holding on to the air–your hands will always be empty. No amount of pleading with God will change it.
Since then, several smaller incarnations have come and gone for my Parvati. She is now in a strong, healthy body and she has returned to me. Never has a man been more grateful to have his hands filled with Life and Love again. We are the proudest parents of a remarkable, beautiful daughter and I can’t express the joy my heart feels at finally being able to hold a living child that we’ve created together.
To a man who has lost his Beloved and three daughters, it breaks my heart to see men treat their women and daughters with such disrespect. I can’t fathom it.
I’ve buried two stillborn daughters and cremated one daughter wrapped in her mother’s arms. Few know that kind of heartbreak–it is literally like living in hell.
I cry at all the parents of India who abort their daughters because they don’t want to pay a dowry. I’d have given every possession I owned as a dowry to have been able to watch my three daughters with Parvati wed to men they loved…I mean EVERY ounce of gold I possess. I would not spare a single ounce if it meant I would see my daughters happy.
If I could, I would tell parents who would consider aborting their daughters for the myriad of ridiculous reasons I’ve heard over the millennia, DON’T EVEN CONSIDER such a horrendous thing. NEVER consider such a thing. Only a man who has lost his three daughters and wife can say this so passionately.
You are robbing a young man of the love of his life and the mother of his children.You are robbing yourself of the joy of watching the Goddess Tara-Ka move through this world through the beauty of a female that you brought into the world. There will be villages filled with men who will be forced to be one another’s bedmates because all of the women have vanished–their candles snuffed out before they were ever born. The Goddess will never live where she is not respected. We are witnessing that now.
To the men of the world, I admonish you to look at your brides as your gold. Look at your daughters as her future groom’s gold. Protect them as you would gold. They are far more precious than gold. My wife and daughters are my treasures in this world.
I adore my sons–they are my Shields. We protect each other. Myself and my sons–we protect our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts like they are our gold, because that is exactly what they are. They are our blood, they are the doorway through which God and the Goddess enter this World. They are portals through which the Divine Creator of the Universe has chosen to enter this realm. How much more sacred can a being be than to be chosen to do a task like that? I know no other more sacred being than a woman. To me, there is no one more sacred than my wife.
Men, when you are injured and considering your mortality, it’s your wife who cries beside your bed for you. It’s your wife who shares a heart with you–what hurts you, hurts her. What hurts her should hurt you. She is not a broodmare. She is not a slave. She is your bedmate, your lover, your confidant, the woman who melds your blood with hers to create your children. There is no more sacred person than that. You will never convince me otherwise.
I would kill to protect my daughters. I would kill to protect my wife. Men, so should you. If a man hurts your daughters through rape–he has stolen your gold. He has stolen another man’s gold–her future groom’s gold. DO NOT KILL your daughter because of this. It is his shame, not hers. NEVER hers.
(My wife has given me permission to share the following story.)
Four men once broke into the locked home of my Parvati and brutally raped her. They would have killed her had someone not walked in and stopped them. Did I say to her bruised, cut, crying face that “it takes two hands to clap?” NO! I did not. I sent her home to her mother and then went to even the scales.
You see, they had stolen MY gold.
I hunted the four men down and executed them. Two of them begged for their lives.
I didn’t care. They raped my wife. They stole my gold. They had to pay for it.
There is no “It takes two hands to clap.” If a man rapes your wife, your sister, your niece, your mother, your daughter–he has stolen your gold. He has mocked you and stolen your treasure. As men, it is your responsibility to stand up and seek justice for it. It is shameful to punish a woman for the sexual thievery of a man.
Men–do not take from another man what you would not have him take from you. If you do not want another man to steal your treasure–to hurt your wife or daughters, then vow to be a superior man and keep your hands off of another man’s treasure. There is no gray area in this matter.
These are things that have long weighed on my heart. I feel that now is the time to start speaking up.
Men, speak up for your women. Stand up and protect your treasures. I see no way one can call himself a good man if he does not do this.
With that impassioned plea, I will segue into an introduction to my wife, my most beloved–my jewel, my treasure.
My wife is presently known as Molinara, or “Lina.”
Lina has devoted her life to me, her family and to studying poverty and its causes and effects, as well as advocating for vulnerable populations. She is a strong advocate for gender and marriage equality and for appreciation and respect between races and religion. (Lina has permission to speak on Orion Oracle, as she is Orion Dragon through the Pressina lineage, a grandchild of Princess Maelesanu, as well as through several other lines.)
My wife is the strongest person I know. There has never been a time when she hasn’t come to my aid when I’ve needed it. She has saved my life more times than I can count.
Lina is supremely talented–I don’t know many people with the preponderance of gifts she possesses. I am the most proud of husbands–I am her biggest fan, just as any husband should be of his wife.
Molinara is the funniest woman I’ve ever known and she is my best and truest friend. When speaking of my wife, I am reminded of a quote from Bram Stoker’s book, Dracula. “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”
For me, this embodies my Lina.
I am most honored and proud to introduce her to the world and help her as she steps forward to answer questions this week for Orion Oracle.
I agree that these words should be shared on Orion Oracle, as I know BalMuhr will be followed.”
~Lord Enki / Prince Ea
(Photo: Public Domain. Sculpture of Durga. Prince Ea: “This is my favorite public representation of Parvati–now my Lina. The many arms represents the gifts, talents, strengths and responsibilities she has, as well as her incarnations.”)24206916716635335XEngDsotc

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