Question: Why Does Shiva Wear a Crescent Moon in His Hair?

“Why does Shiva wear a half-moon in his hair?”~A Querent question concerning Shiva for Lord Enki/Prince Ea.

“The crescent moon has always been a symbol of Enki. The crescent moon with a star is a symbol of my nephew Nannar.
It has many spiritual meanings to me as a man who has spent thousands of years studying its phases, inner and outer realms, and history. These symbols are easily understood by many, but there are some specific individuals who I needed to recognize this as my specific symbol and thereby recognize me. It also is a symbol of my learning my own place in the world during the years when I felt alone and alienated from my family.
The symbol of my father, Anu’s house is the winged sun or the sun disk with radiating points. The moon reflects the light of the sun. When the light is almost entirely blocked by the Earth, it becomes a crescent moon. During this period of my life, I felt that my difficulties suffered on Earth had obscured who I was as a Prince of Nibiru and Child of the House of Aln (where my Orion Dragon bloodline comes from). The crescent moon represented my feeling like I no longer knew who I was.
It was during my time as Shiva that I began to focus on reconnecting myself to my family and the Divine–especially the Divine within myself.
My progress in healing can be observed as Akhenaten. You will not see the crescent moon in this identity. One can see through the carved reliefs my worshiping the sun disk alone.
The Aten was my statement to all that I had reconnected with my family and chose to answer only to my father and the Divine within myself. To continue to worship the “Gods’ of ancient Egypt was asinine to me. (I had been several of these gods and several had been my own family. Can you see the stupidity of my bowing down–of my capitulating to this?) I refused to bow to them by continuing to worship as Amenhotep had.
My time in Amarna was my declaration that I once again understood my place as a Prince of Nibiru. Much of this can be inferred from my writings and poetry praising the Aten. It meant I had rejoined my family and also found the Divine in me.
Much of the art depicts my reestablishing my relationship with Nefertiti and my children. I also took every opportunity to express my immense grief over the death of my beloved
Parvati in childbirth. (She would be known as Kiya in history and as many know, Kiya died in childbirth.) There is a relief of my grieving her death at her bedside. Many hidden symbolic meanings are in the carvings of myself and my family that speak of my love for her.
There is also a statue of Akhenaten kissing a child who is sitting on his lap. Historians believe this was one of my daughters with Ninmah/Nefertiti. This is false. This is my Kiya (Parvati). She is much smaller than I am–even in her current incarnation. She is the size of a child to me. The Khepresh (blue war crown) I am wearing was my statement that I would have killed to protect her. She was my life. (I am blessed to say she still is. She has always been and will always be “my girl.” As Shiva, I am known for my devotion to my wife. This devotion has never faltered.)
That is my condensed explanation of the crescent moon of Shiva and its symbolism of my evolution as a Prince, man, father and husband here on Earth. I will speak in depth on this in the future, as there is much to be learned from it.
If BalMuhr is followed this may be shared on Orion Oracle.”
“Thank you, Ea.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea

(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed. Images: Shiva, Akhenaten worshipping the Aten and Akhenaten and child images all Public Domain.)

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