Question: Shiva and the Cobra?

“What’s the deal with the cobra around your neck?” ~Querent question concerning Shiva for Lord Enki/Prince Ea.
“The cobra is both a symbol of loyalty and devotion to family and an animal my family is able to communicate with easily. I understand there are many cultural stories behind the cobra I wear, but to me, that’s the simplest story.
When I was much younger, animals on Ki (Earth) were much larger. There were serpents we now refer to as Titanoboas. There were also enormous cobras and they were fiercely territorial.
One day, while hunting, I had the misfortune of meeting such a female cobra. Fighting for my life against such a creature was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had. After an exhausting battle, I succeed in killing her. Though she was decapitated, I noticed her belly was wiggling. I slit it open to find many small cobra babies, dying inside her. Some don’t know this, but here are species of cobra that give live birth, and this female was one of them.
I turned away, disheartened at causing the death of all those young snakes. Not far from where I slew her, I discovered a large hole–this female’s den. It’s entrance was worn smooth from use. I felt more saddened when I found that she had not attacked me, but was defending the home she had prepared to birth her young in. (Such a den would have been necessary then, as there were many predators that would have eaten every one of her babies if they were born in the open.)
For many years I pondered that event and I found that I admired that cobra for the ferocity with which she had defended her unborn family and home.
I was taught in my childhood that certain animals can be spoken with if one can reach the vibrational frequency on which they communicate. If this cobra had been smart enough to defend her home and family, she must have possessed a form of higher intelligence. I decided I would attempt to communicate with one.
I sat alone in the forest–very much in the pose you see in the statues–and waited until a cobra wandered past. Using what I had learned in my childhood, I reached out to the snake, experimenting until I found the frequency that made the snake stop and turn toward me. It stood and spread its hood, observing me. (A hooded cobra is not always a sign of threat. Sometimes, it indicates cautious curiosity.) Then it answered back. From that interaction, I learned a great amount concerning the intelligence of cobras.
They are as intelligent in their fashion as a human is in theirs. They have emotions and concerns, just as we do. Though they wander in the day, most of them do have families and return to them at night. They stay near their young for almost a year until it can defend itself and hunt on its own without being picked off by a predator. Families protect and defend each other and their home. They are admirable creatures.
I learned they can befriend humans with whom they can communicate. They can discern human friend from foe.
As Shiv, cobras were friends my our home. My children grew up with cobras next to them–they grew up knowing how to speak to cobras. They were not pets, but friends who enjoyed our company. They even got along with Ganeshka. A large male who was a close friend of Parvati assisted her on one occasion in saving my life from someone who planned to assassinate me. (I am so proud of my wife–most don’t know it, but Parvati was once the equivalent of a female ninja in India, something she learned during her military service. Such a woman paired with a cobra as a partner–two swift, silent killers–is a terrifying thing to consider. The two struck in the night and my conspirators stood no chance against them.) I would trust them to guard my newborn infants if necessary. They look upon their human friends as family, also.
The cobra is an emblem of my family and of how we love and protect one another. There are other more sacred elements to the cobra emblem, but I won’t speak more on that here.
That is the answer to why you see Shiv (and Parvati) holding cobras. It is also the answer to why you see Akhenaten and Nefertiti wearing cobras (uraeus) on their headgear. (I will share an image of our cobra emblems on our headgear below. I did not wear them simply to show rulership.) incorporated cobras into my all my later emblems and insignias–not to infer fear and deadliness, but rather that I would stop at nothing to protect my family. It is this way with my wife, my sister and all the children in my line–we all protect each other.
That is all I will say on this question. If BalMuhr is followed, you have my permission to share this on Orion Oracle.
“Thank you, Ea.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken by Source. Not one word altered or changed. Images are Public Domain: Shiva at Murudeswara and Akhenaten and Nefertiti relief.)

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