Question: On Loyalty and Respect

“My ex-boyfriend said he treated people who worked in retail and restaurant servers poorly because he thought it would earn him respect and help make him rich–like if you act rich, you’ll get rich quicker. What are your thoughts on this?”~Querent.
“I am reminded of the saying ‘One can always tell the quality of a person by how they treat the help.’ Respect, compassion, kindness and fair treatment earn a person something that wealth can’t buy–loyalty.
Today, we wear about ‘Brand Loyalty.’ Brand loyalty has to do with quality and style and is built over time by providing excellent service and products. The same can be said for a person, with or without wealth.
How a person treats the people around themselves, most especially those who can be of little benefit to them, is the equivalent of building one’s own brand. Quality treatment builds and cements loyalty. Loyalty benefits in ways money can’t…especially during times when money and resources are scarce.
The only thing that rudeness guarantees is silently-harbored animosity and a knife buried in the back at the most convenient opportunity. I’ve known rudeness to wait staff to guarantee urine in a drink or crushed up flies in an ice cream. That is why I place my trust in respect, kindness and compassion. Loyalty is the best guarantee for filth-free food. Plus, it costs nothing to be respectful. It’s free to give.”~Aeleto.
“I have a mixed reputation on Earth. Many like and trust me. Many more don’t. Those who like and trust me are those who work for me or my family. I’m never rude or disrespectful to those who do the work I can’t do, or don’t want to do. That was a lesson I was taught at an early age by both my parents. Treat those closest to you with absolute love and respect. Treat those who work in close proximity to you with fairness and respect. Treat the rest as though they deserve dignity…until they don’t. Those who don’t like or trust me have fallen into the last category and I’m not concerned with winning their approval or loyalty.
I’ve discovered that how I treat those who serve me in any capacity is my personal measure of the kind of man I want to be.
If I find my behavior slipping, I use it as a gauge to let myself know I need to do some internal re-calibrating. When I’m rude to my wife or family–that’s their cue to get me to the doctor because I’m ill. All other times, I find rudeness is counterproductive.
I’ve also found that those who are rude to wait staff or their help, tend to be those who have financial insecurities. It can be a giveaway of hiding poverty to those who possess substantial wealth. It shows that someone has not yet learned their personal worth is not associated with net worth.
With regard to Aeleto’s thoughts on kindness and respect creating loyalty–I agree. Loyalty is when the seeds you plant in relationships bloom and the garden never fades. There is no winter in a garden of loyalty.”~Prince Ea/Enki/Shiv.
(BalMuhr followed. Shared as quoted from Source. Not one word altered or changed.)


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