Question: What is a Starseed?

“What is a Starseed? What is a Walk-In? Is a Walk-In a Starseed, too?” ~Querent.
“A Starseed is a soul from another Planetary or Star System who has been born into a human body. Each has been assigned a specific task to perform for the Human race, all while living a human life and experiencing the range of human emotion, strengths and frailties to gain understanding.They have specific triggers to advancement encoded to their DNA that must be self-activated through personal development.
A Walk-In is a soul that can be from another Planetary or Star System, or from this one. There are several reasons why a person chooses to be a Walk-In, many having to do with personal advancement. Walk-Ins from other planets or star systems do have a specific assignment to help humanity, but don’t necessarily need the birth experience. Essentially, a Walk-In is a soul that enters the body at some point after birth, by prearranged contract; a soul-exchange is another term.
I am a Walk-In and in my case, it’s because I don’t possess the soul matrix that allows me to attach In-Utero. While being assigned to teach and assist Human and Dragon-kind alike, I am also here to gain experience and understanding.”
“So are you a channel?”
‘Yes, in a way. The soul is Aeleto, but I do have to channel or download the heavier information from my higher self. Some other information is channeled from other Dragon relatives through the Super-conscious. Prince Ea/Enki is a blood relative, so he is channeled through normal telepathy. I do have to practice BalMuhr, even with my relatives. All Dragons do.”
“How does one tell if they are a Starseed or a Walk-In?”
“A Starseed would have interest in spiritual advancement and a knowledge of higher spiritual principles not of this world. They would perhaps feel an affinity for a particular constellation or type of people. There are some other signs that I won’t go too far in to because they are easily discovered through learning on one’s own.
A Walk-In shortly after birth might not be so easily identified, but one in adulthood might be obvious.They might wake up from an illness and behave like a completely different person. They might appear to become suddenly mentally ill out of nowhere and then behave as a different person once stable again. If they are aware of this change, they might investigate the Walk-In phenomena and learn about it and themselves. It will put them on he path to understanding their purpose.”~Aeleto.

(Photo: Snapwire. CC0 License)


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