Question: Did Sumerians Have Spaceships?

“Did Sumerians have spaceships?”–Querent
“Not the Kings or common man, but the Annunaki had them. Humans are not allowed to fly Shem (large, multi-passenger ships) or Mu (smaller, 2-3 passenger Mu.)
I have an interesting side-story to go along with this. (I have source permission to speak of it.) There has only been one human who has ever flown a fighting Mu, and it was a woman. Durga, the Hindu diety, manned the guns in fighter mu, or “Palshu-Murba” flown by an Annunaki pilot. (Those who wore Eagle helmets). When the pilot was injured, Durga, was asked to man the controls. When they say she “rode on a lion,” that was the name of the Mu she manned the guns in and flew during a battle. She will step forward in the future and tell this tale in a more enthralling fashion than I can.
Back to your question–Yes, there were spacecraft in Sumeria.
There are still shem and mu in use. When you see a smaller craft zipping in all directions, that is a Mu. When you see a larger craft shaped like a cigar or a triangle or pyramid, that is probably a Shem.” ~Aeleto

(Photo: Public Domain)


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