Question: What is Kali Like?

“What is Kali like?~A Querent.
“If I look in the mirror, I see my skeleton showing from beneath holes in black, velvet-like skin. I think I’m beautiful.
I’m not as bloodthirsty as one might imagine me to be. I’m cunning. I’m self-serving. I’m cruel when it suits my purpose. There are few I trust and few who trust me and I have no issues with that. (Trust isn’t such an issue where I live.) Like the Dragons, I give nothing away for free. If one asks for my help, they’d better offer a good trade–and don’t offer me a child. If they’re going to offer something–it had better be their own flesh. (Nobody tells people this, but only cowards offer the blood of another person in exchange for what they want. What the hell am I going to do with a baby? I’m perfectly capable of making my own.)
I hate cowards and make life harder for them just for the fun of it. I despise uneducated idiots–when they ask for my help, I get angry that they waste my time on the stupid shit they ask me for. Of course I’m going to fuck their lives up when they make me waste my energy on petty bullshit! My children are the Ghoul and Ifrit (Djinn)–they see to this task for me.
I look through people and tell them what they want to hear. I don’t care if what I say harms. (Lying isn’t such an issue where I live.) More than malevolent, I would say I’m apathetic.
Something one might not know is that I’m compassionate. What most don’t understand is that compassion has different hues and shades. What looks like cruelty to one is compassion to another. I don’t like to make the innocent suffer so much as the guilty. (It’s not as energetically satisfying–That feeds me.) That’s a form of my compassion.
My behavior is acceptable where I live. It’s not as acceptable here because of the vibration frequencies of being in Service of Self. I understand that it is unwelcome here. What most don’t understand is that positive frequencies are considered negative where I live. When positive entities come to work in our world, THEY become the Demons. They’re unwelcome.
When I tell this to people, they are flabbergasted! How can benevolent souls be evil? When you intrude where your influence isn’t necessary, you’re the evil one. There is no other way to see it.
There are a few things I have in my dimension that are the same as my physical persona in your realm.
I am subject to the Earth’s planetary influences.
I love sex.
I love Coca-Cola.
I love my husband and children.
Love is Self-Serving.
That’s all I feel like saying now.”
“May we share this on Orion Oracle?”
“Suit yourself.”~Kali
(BalMuhr followed. Shared as spoken from Source.Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: Rafael Guajardo. CC0 License.)



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