Question: Why Do Dragons Hoard Gold?

“Why do Dragons hoard gold?” ~A Querent
“We don’t hoard gold. We don’t like gold. Our preferred metal is copper. The belief that dragons hoard gold might have to do with how gold is found deep in the ground and how dragons guard entrances to the underground. Another source of that belief might be that several Igigi and Prince Ea/Enki were Dragons and they spent millennia mining for gold on Earth/Ki to save Nibiru’s atmosphere. In the East, powerful families with vast gold resources often use Dragons as family mascots. That could be another reason. Dragons aren’t poor and we do guard our resources well. If one was to equate resources with gold, that could validate the idea that we’re gold hoarders.”
“Why is copper more valuable?”
“Because our blood is copper-rich because certain body systems require more copper to function well.” ~Aeleto

(Image: Public Domain.)


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