Question: Are the GOT Dragons Realistic?

“Do you think the Dragons in Game of Thrones are pretty realistic?” ~Querent
“Yes, they would be the size of young adults in my realm. The only thing that I would say is different is the amount of spikes on their bodies. The Dragons I know have much smoother skin. And we don’t roar or screech like those three do. We speak.”
“Do Dragons have scales?”
“Some can. Most have a thicker, leathery skin with ridges in it. Some have soft hairs on their heads or whiskers. Some have eyebrows and whiskers. Both female and male dragons can have hair on their faces. I have wispy hairs on my face.”
“How can you tell a male from a female Dragon?”
“I find many females have almond-shaped eyes that are situated on more on the side of the head, closer to that of a deer or horse. We have longer lashes…at least I think we do. I think a female has more wisdom in the light in her eyes. Our middle digit on our hands tend to be longer than males. When a female is lactating, she may have visible breasts.”
“What do infant Dragons look like?”
“They’re adorable. Big-eyed and innocent like Human babies are. They don’t cry loudly, they whimper. New infants have baby fat and are cuddly like Human babies are. They stay at the mother’s breast until they can stand on their own.
Children don’t have to look like their parents. I am a Lung/Long Dragon and some of my children are Wyverns and others Lung, and 2 “Balsatastru” children–or, in your world, they are called Western dragons–with wings separate from their arms. I am a pale white with pink veins and I have dark red children, deep black children, I have one blue and several green ones. All colors and body shapes are beautiful. We don’t pick favorites.
Unlike stories and movies, a Dragon’s color does not indicate whether they are benevolent or malevolent.” ~Aeleto


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