Question: Why is Parvati Associated with Parrots?

“Your stories are symbolic of things that happen differently in reality. What is the real meaning of Parvati and the parrot?”~Querent
“I will answer for my wife tonight. She has been under the weather for a few days and asked me to speak for her.
There are many stories associated with Shiv, Parvati and parrots. There are two things that the parrot symbolizes with regard to my wife.
The first is that she can fall asleep the second her head hits the pillow. I can be telling her my deepest, most sacred secrets and I’ll look over and she’ll be asleep. It’s impossible to have late-night, romantic pillow talk with her.
I play pranks on her sometimes and ask her questions when she’s in a hypnagogic state because she won’t lie and her answers can be quite amusing. For example, a week ago, I whispered in her ear when she was almost asleep, “What would you do if I cheated on you?” She replied, “I’d slit your throat.” She’d be much more reserved in her responses if she were awake. I’d never be unfaithful to her, so I found this response comical.
During the day, she can have difficulty concentrating and is easily distracted…almost ADD. When I ask her if she listened to what I said, she gets a confused look on her face as she tries to remember what I was talking about before she got distracted. She used to just nod and say ‘yes.’ Now she just says, “I was trying to pay attention to something else. I can’t pay attention to two things at once.”
That’s part of where one of the stories of the parrot comes from concerning Parvati.
The second is because she loves parrots…especially talking parrots. She is perfectly willing to provide a happy home to any orphaned cussing parrot–especially ones who say the ‘F’ expletive. She says there is a cussing parrot inside her head that screams loudly when the people she deals with in her daily work anger her. When she is wound up and needs a laugh, she’ll watch cussing parrot videos on the internet. She often says she wishes she could express herself as well as some of the cockatoos she sees on these videos. She even has a list of things she wants to teach a parrot to say.
Now that I think of it…she really does remind me of a Cockatoo…it if was combined it with a Peacock.
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~Prince Ea/Lord Enki
(BalMuhr followed. Shared as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Prince Ea: “This Gif reminds me of Molinara when she turns on her personality. She can be a little overwhelming when you aren’t accustomed to her. But I love it!”)


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