Question: What Does ‘The Gods Returning’ Mean?

“What is meant when it is prophesied the ‘Gods will return’?”~Querent.
“The answer to that depends upon the frame of reference of the persons asking the question. The answer lies in the cultural beliefs of a People and what they hope their Gods will do for them upon their return.
Some beliefs are that those they viewed as gods will be reborn among them. Some may mean they will return from the sky. Some may mean they will exit the mountains or caves where they are believed to live. It is possible that it can all of them.
When the great teachers left the different Peoples, it was to allow them to take the lessons and implement them into their daily lives and allow them to grow on their own, just as a parent does with a child.
Lessons are timed in cycles.The teachers teach, leave and let the students learn and grow on their own. When the cycle is over, the teachers evaluate the growth. That is what it means to us as the teachers. We are reintroducing ourselves slowly in order to evaluate the growth, as well as to teach new skills.
A new cycle is beginning and new skills will need to be learned for both spiritual, emotional and physical survival. To us, this reintroduction is what it means when it is said ‘the Gods are returning.’ The word Gods would be replaced with the words Teachers and Guides.”~Aeleto.
“For me, it means coming forward and answering questions and teaching about the past to help make sense of the future. It means looking at genetic markers present in modern humans that may need to be adjusted to allow for healthier future generations. It means looking at the different spiritual practices developed by mythological beliefs and rituals.
Religion is to help people develop certain distinct parts of the brain that allows for greater access to the spiritual energy that moves through the planet. It is an unfortunate thing that some have discovered how to manipulate these practices and use the for personal power and to gain wealth.
For me, ‘The Gods’ returning means it’s my Team’s time to come forward and examine Human Kind from a Spiritual/Science/Societal perspective and see what has worked for the development of mankind and what hasn’t.
The end game is for Human Kind to be sophisticated enough to allow for them to join in the Universal picture. You could liken it to being allowed to move from the children’s table to the adult table. Right now, they’re at the Children’s table.
Humans send scientific devices out in to space to search for existence on other planets. What they don’t understand is that they are being closely monitored by many other places. Their development is being aided by other places. The people Humans are seeking to make contact with are already watching them closely.
The time has come to be evaluated on their growth and to have new ideas introduced to help develop their brains and hearts further, allowing for greater alignment of the two. There are many spiritual teachers working in this subject whom we support.
I agree with Aeleto, in that a more appropriate term for us would be Teachers and Guides, rather than Gods. Gods implies the need to be less than, or below, someone else. Many of the terms used in modern religion (and in some cases, spirituality) today imply the need for Humans to keep themselves in chains, or as servants. I tell my children, as well as those I teach, you can either count yourself as a servant or an equal, but not both. You have to choose for yourself which one you will be. I will teach more about that concept in the future, as it is one with many nuances that can play on the tricks of the beliefs of the mind about the self.
An interesting thing I have observed about modern religion is that it has become so rigid that it will not allow for the thing to happen that it claims to desire most. The religions want their own God to return and speaks of ways they will return. If you observe the way they conduct their relationships with other types of Peoples, you will find there’s no way that will happen. If their god returns, their previous behaviors and biases indicate they would probably shoot him because his skin is the wrong color or that he is in an enemy air craft to be destroyed.
We return quietly–in ways like this–because we know there will be some people paying attention on the sidelines while the rest have their eyes on their own interests. This is really one of the only ways it could work, because there is a large audience of questioners and a larger group of people who seek outside of what is commonly presented. This is a domain where people can take things or leave things, depending upon what they are looking for.
The great teachers of the past are stepping forward to use what resources they have to help those who are searching find answers. That’s what ‘Gods returning’ means to my Team, my family and myself.~Prince Ea/Enki.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Image: SpaceX. CC0 License.)abstract-astronomy-atmosphere-586030

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