Question: Who Were the Aryans?

“Who were the pale-skinned people, the Aryans?”~Querent
“The Aryan race is the race of Human-hybrid Dragons, who migrated out of India, through Egypt and in to Ireland/Scotland/France. They are not a race of blonde/fair skinned people, but rather ruddy–red heads, both with light and dark skin, depending upon the person.
Certain people have an obsession with light people, thinking that paleness equates with nobility and intelligence. This is a fallacy. My sister and I are the geneticists behind the creation of Homo Sapiens and we are both dark skinned with dark, curly hair. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with nobility and intelligence.
The Nordic race would be those who held the genes of the light- skinned, some originating from the Pleiades. They would also be known as Elves. Some say the Aryans were the Elvish race, but that isn’t the case. The Nordic Elvish People are known as ‘StahlBashTu’ in the Orion Dragon tongue.” ~Prince Ea/Enki

(BalMuhr followed, not one word altered or changed.)



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