Question: Why are You Sharing This Information Here?

“Why are you sharing this stuff on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress? Shouldn’t you be doing this on Ancient Aliens or on some big TV show?”~Querent question for Lord Enki/Prince Ea.
“Haven’t you noticed all of the hypocritical hype on television about people sharing false news? Would you believe it more if it were on Ancient Aliens? Ancient Aliens informs on the premise of presenting historical evidence and asking the viewer to think for themselves and consider other possibilities beyond the arrogance of the opinions of modern historians.
(I must interject here that I really like von Daniken and Tsoukalos. I appreciate their work for the cause. My wife was extremely fond of Philip Coppens work, as well. I worked with Sitchin specifically on the exact translation of ‘Lost Book of Enki.’ The translation needed to be perfect for certain future readers–I couldn’t chance its mistranslation. I did help him with a few other translations, but not all. I can’t attest to their total accuracy.)
Even though it is useful in disseminating messages, I don’t care for the broad audience of television–that broad audience doesn’t concern me. We’ll have the ‘false news’ label slapped on us either way. What’s important to me is the way it’s released. The people we’re seeking to help are those who would be searching for answers that can’t be found in public broadcast media. Yes, we’re speaking to those who are interested in their ancient origins, but more importantly, those Dragon/Human children who are attempting to sort out their own confusion over internal identity. My wife and I will address some serious gender/race issues in the future, also.
If some of what we share reaches wide-audience broadcast or print media, good. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, too. We’re searching for those who resonate with what we share. If it resonates strongly enough, we will invite them to further explore more of what we’ll teach. Some of them will become the teachers of the future.” ~Lord Enki/Prince Ea (BalMuhr followed, quoted as stated by Source with no word altered or changed.)

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