Querent: Will Nibiru Crash In To Earth Again?

“I have been reading lots of stories about Nibiru crashing into Earth again. Is that really going to happen?”~Querent
“No. Nibiru is on a mechanically-tethered rotation. What this means is that Nibiru is like a planet-ship and its rotation is governed by calculated, electronic marker-guides positioned along its pathway in space. These marker-guides assist in altering its course according to the other planets’ rotation positions, so that Nibiru does not alter their environments to an excessive degree, Earth’s included. Most of these videos and articles about Nibiru that are being circulated are old, fear-mongering tactics. I don’t recommend believing anything that incites fear for the future. Those types of videos and articles create problematic behaviors, encouraging ignorance and–stated frankly–stupid decisions.
I recommend learning the skills that will allow for comfortable survival and improving our communication within our families and communities. We will have to return to simpler ways of enjoyment found with each other. The pervasive loneliness and isolation we see today will become a thing of the past. We are meant to rely on one another and we need to accept and learn that and improve upon our abilities of connection. Those who can’t adapt will be the ones who will not move into the future. Those who do, will find a future filled with meaning, richer personal connection and a deeper understanding of love.
If BalMuhr is followed, this answer may be shared on Orion Oracle.”~Prince Ea.
(BalMuhr followed. Shared as quoted from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: CC0 License.)

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