Question: What is the Trishula?

“What is the Trishula?” ~Querent
“Simply stated, it is hand-held, subatomic-powered weapon. With the energy this weapon uses, no dangerous radiation is released while it is contained within the system. In this closed position, it appears as a trident. When the three pieces are aligned, the energy is released as a beam of white fire that destroys what it is aimed at. I have also used it as a building tool when I had nothing else, as it can be modified to alter stone.
It was created for me by those who dwell in cities beneath the waters, a people known in Greek Mythology as the Telchines. These men and women are masters of all elements, which makes them extraordinary metallurgists. They are easily capable of infusing consciousness into metal. (An example of this can be witnessed in the beloved Japanese sword, the Honjo Masamune.)
In the Greek Pantheon, I would be known as Poseidon, and as all who are familiar with this Mythological line know, I carried a Trident, or the Trishula.
The Trishula was one of my designs, so it is one of a kind. With this being said, any ‘God’ of any pantheon in Europe or the East who carries a three-forked staff (or spear) that fires any kind of fire or lightening is, in all likelihood, me.
As Lugh Long Hand, it is described in its spear form. As Ptah and Anubis, it is depicted as a staff with a head covered in symbols describing what it could do, rather than it’s actual shape.
The antagonist of the Christian Bible, Lucifer, is depicted as a red dragon-like being with a pitchfork. My mother’s family is Orion Draconian (which is one way I am related to Aeleto). Dragon/Lyran children (like myself) are taught in early childhood that we have two forms–our dragon selves and our human Lyran selves. My dragon self is a red, winged dragon. This is where the common idea of the red devil with the pitchfork originated from. It is simply, me, Ea/Enki, in my dragon form carrying the Trishula. (Incidentally, that description was created by me. I have always been able to poke fun at myself by exaggerating descriptions or depictions of my appearance.)
I no longer carry the Trishula as I once did. Parvati accidentally knocked it down from where it was stored and thought she broke it. Not wanting to upset me, she hid it for a long time. I thought it had been stolen. It has since been recovered, fixed and is housed in a secure location away from my loved ones. It is not a weapon for a father to keep around the house.
That is the story behind the Trishul/Trishula.
If you follow BalMuhr, you may share this.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea of Nibiru (BalMuhr followed. Quoted from Source, not one word altered or changed. Public Domain Images, Shiva statues.)
***Afternote: “The second statue is my wife’s favorite of all the statues of me in India. She says the hair is a perfect depiction of how it was then, as is the peace in the expression. She teases me, though, and says it looks like I should have been on the first Harry Potter movie. She also says the monkey on my back appears to have migrated North.” ~Lord Enki/Prince Ea. (Again, BalMuhr followed.)
Orion Oracle expresses gratitude to Prince Ea for answering this question and sharing his remarkable and exciting knowledge.

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