Question: Who are the Velon?

“Who are the Velon?”~Querent.
“This is a good question and one that I’m happy to answer.
When examining where one stands on the spectrum of belief in how the Beings involved in Homo Sapiens origins, we can find they run from one end of a spectrum to the opposite end. On one end, there are those who believe that the Annunaki are all evil reptilians from other star systems who came to imprison and torment Humanity. On the other, we find those who believe that the Annunaki are from a planet, Nibiru, located in Ki’s solar system. They believe the Annunaki are in some ways good, depending upon who you identify with in the original disagreements that took place between my brother, Enlil’s House and my own.
I am happy to clarify the difference between the Velon and the Annunaki.
I believe the term ‘Velon’ is one used on Earth/Ki. We do not use this term. I believe it would be used to describe those referred to as Alpha Draconi, or as my Earth family calls them ‘DracanTan’–or the Draco Kings. They are a patriarchal group of Dragons from other star systems who are in alliance with the native Earth/Ki Reptile-like (Reptilians, though some use a more derogatory term about them) Peoples. They are a conquering people with a strong social hierarchy and strict codes of conduct. They may be viewed as militant. They have been known to encourage violence among humans for their own reasons. They will come forward in their own time to speak of their reasons. It’s not my place to say.
Because we originate from the same parent race, Draco Kings and Orion Queens can hold discourse with each other. We are capable of communicating respectfully, in spite of our differences. Though we are not allies in the traditional sense, we are not enemies either.
They are not Annunaki. They come from many places and, as I mentioned earlier, they are Patriarchal. They move according to the decisions of their male leaders in their Hierarchy. Again, the Velon (again, it’s not a term we use, so I cannot speak with absolute certainty on it) referred to in the question could be the Patriarchal Dragons and their Reptile People allies, but they are NOT Annunaki.
The Annunaki are literally ‘the People of Anu on Earth/Ki.’ This term used to refer to King Anu of Nibiru’s family and Science and Administrative officers who live and work on Earth. The Igigi was the term for the Military members. We no longer use these terms.
Out of the first two generations of Annunaki on Earth, it is only myself and my direct descendants(up to four generations removed) who are Orion Draconian. Orion Draconians are Matriarchal. We listen to our Queens’ counsel first. My father, Anu, is Lyran Nibiruan, not Orion Draconian. (Lyrans are Patriarchal, though they are equitable in their view of the sexes.)
Past a certain blood quantum, Orion Draconian traits dwindle significantly, to the point of being so dormant, it would be impossible to awaken them without significant effort and training. Though I contributed to the genetic code of Human Kind through my seed, my genetics are so diluted now, one would never be able to find them.
The theory that these genetics provide hidden access into manipulating Human behaviors is unfounded, at least from the Orion Dragon aspect. We have nothing to gain from manipulating Humans in this way. There are other Peoples who have manipulated Humans’ genes in this way, but it was not done by anyone from an Orion Draconian House who is allied with the Nibiruans or our other Allies.
To put a fine point on it, the Annunaki are not the Velon, if that term is being used to define Draco Kings or Reptile Peoples.
One thing to be mindful of is that though there are other Non-Human People who manipulate Humankind for their own gain, Humankind makes itself a match for the manipulation. The question for Humans to ask themselves is ‘What about us makes us a match for being manipulated in this way?’ It’s called Secondary Gains. There is something Humans get as a benefit from the manipulation. When this aspect is examined, significant headway can be made toward taking responsibility for their behavior. This will help in moving away from being a match for this manipulation. In the future, the term ‘The Devil made me do it’ will hold no validity in taking responsibility for behavior. This is still a Free Will domain. We all take responsibility for our actions here-even the Draco Kings and Reptile Peoples. As my wife says, ‘It all comes out in the wash.’ It’s true.
My family has spent many millennia taking responsibility for our poor past decisions and behaviors. We were not perfect people then. We are not now. No one is perfect. However, we do try to learn from our mistakes.
Now, my family takes into account our past mistakes and our collective remorse when we make decisions. We make decisions collectively now. We’ve learned a great deal about what keeps our family together and what drives it apart and we work to keep our family bond tight.
We didn’t know how to resolve our quarrels in the past and we have lost many beloved family members as a result. It wasn’t it worth it.
We have since matured and are doing our part to assist others who are interested in doing the same.
I thank you for allowing me to answer this question.”
~Prince Ea/Enki (Shiva/Akhenaten)
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.)

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