Question: How Did Lord Shiva Carve Kailasa Temple?

“How did Lord Shiva carve the Ellora caves and the Kailasa Temple?”~A Querent
“He did not carve it. He HAD artisans carve it for himself, Parvati and his children. At one time, it was completely beneath the rock, hidden from the world. This was done because once there were severe climate changes and Shiva took his family to live in safety underground. When the climate returned to a more comfortable temperature, the top was removed to expose the sky.”
“Was it carved from the top down?”
“No, from the bottom up using a grid-like laser. It pulverizes the stone to dust and then it is just hauled outside to be used in other landscaping projects, or be reformed into other stone.
At one time, Kailasa was brightly-painted and had elaborate gardens and places for his young ones to play. It was a beautiful place to behold. (There is a more useful purpose to Kailasa that will be revealed at a later time.)
It took about 1700 years to carve out–in stages, not all at once. It was enlarged and expanded as necessary. The carvings depict stories of events in the lives of Shiva, Parvati and other family members.
For example, the large bull elephant carving near the center was a memorial to Parvati’s beloved Ganeshka, a bull elephant she raised from an abandoned infant. Shiva gave him to her as a peace offering after he destroyed the golem she tried to secretly create so she could have her own child. She lived with Ganeshka until the day he died–for over 65+years. He was incredibly intelligent and could understand human speech. When asked to complete a task, he could do it successfully without instruction or supervision. (‘Ensures success’). He helped her with her many of her ‘Home improvement’ projects as her ‘remover of obstacles.’
In the evenings, he would lay his enormous head in her lap so she could scratch his ears. He was as beloved as her son–so much so that she would feed him from her table, including milk, which he loved mixed with honey.”
“Can you explain how would you know that?”
“Because I gave him to her.
At one time, I was known Shivdana Sumanta or Shiv/Shiva.
The term Lord was added as I am also known as Lord Enki= Lord Shiva.
Parvati was my fourth wife, my niece, adopted at birth by my sister, Ninharsag–Mistress of the Mountain Home. Parviata was her birth name and means ‘Daughter of the Mountain Home’ not ‘Daughter of the Mountain King,’ as commonly believed.
I commissioned the carving of Kailasa Temple as a home for my family. I was not present during it’s carving, as I didn’t want my family exposed to the fumes or the particles, but I know how it was carved. I’ve used the laser grids many times in the past. We lived there during different periods of time. That explains how some styles of carving are so different, not just because of different religions.
Ellora and Ajanta both still belong to my family, but we allow visitors to come and see them. We don’t allow people to go below ground, as many places below are still considered a private residence.”
“Will you share more of your story in the future? We would love to hear more.”
“I would be happy to do so.”
“If BalMuhr is followed, would you allow this to be shared on Orion Oracle?”
“Yes, I will agree to that.”
“Thank you, Ea.”
“You’re welcome.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea of Nibiru.
(BalMurh followed. Quoted from Source as spoken. Not one word altered or changed.Public Domain image of Kailasa Temple.)


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