Question: Draconic Houses and Dragon Origins?

I keep being told by my higher self/source that I am of the Draconic order, golden scaled.Myself and a few friends have found we are of similar origins, and it kinda trips us out.”~Querent.
“A Draconic order is similar to a secret society of Dragon-Hybrid Dragons. There are several and they usually pertain to the family or house a Dragon descends from. The Golden Scale would be not necessarily for dragon scale colors (not all of us have scales), but rather a family whose focus and contribution is on higher balance in the Universe. Sometimes, we use a literal visual interpretation to allow for translation and interpretation across language barriers. It has more to do with the work a Dragon House does.
It also pertains to those sacred rites that your family members are trained to do, or those acts your family is authorized to facilitate. Sometimes, magic runs in the bloodline. A visual symbol shows what kind of magic one can be taught and master by the visuals symbol.
It is a symbol or visual interpretation of the gifts that run through one’s bloodline.
Rest assured, there is nothing to ‘trip out’ about. If you are being told by your Higher Self, than it’s a truth. Our souls don’t lie. These things are meant to come to light. Those who are Dragon-Hybrids are meant to learn about their ancestral origins so they can begin to reclaim their family identities and strengthen the gifts given to them. They are responsible for contributing to the re-establishing of strong, noble Dragon Houses. Many questions will be answered for these Children and they will understand their place and find a sense of belonging and purpose when they begin to do the work of mastery and understanding of the self.
This is a very special time in Dragon and Dragon-Hybrid history on Earth. It’s a fascinating forefront to view, especially for the Dragon Ambassadors assigned to teach and guide. Your question is appreciated.”~Aeleto.

(***Note: One is responsible for determining one’s Dragon Origins. Aeleto does not recommend using the prognostications of another individual as to whether there is a solid foundation for claiming Dragon descendancy. Only the individual can determine this for his or her self. Aeleto’s use of the term ‘your’ in the above comment should not be construed as definitive confirmation of Orion Dragon origins.~Orion Oracle Administrators.)


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