Question: Should I Become a Tattoo Artist?

“Should I become a tattoo artist?”~Querent.
“If skin art is your area of interest and you are a skilled artist, it is certainly something to explore. Skin art is a powerful form of soul expression, much of it pertains to the symbolism of our soul lessons and often past lives. In that way it is a most fascinating form of art.
I would look in to new styles of tattoo work, as the old forms of tattoo will become undesirable, since skin’s elasticity diminishes with age and tattoos become less discernible and attractive with age. The clarity of black ink bleeds and lines become less detailed, leading to tattoos that cannot be easily interpreted.
Many tattoo artists are now specializing in the reclamation or covering-up of old tattoos, as people become dissatisfied with their body art choices as they age.
Tattoos that look unique and fresh over years will be the desired style. I recommend that be the avenue you explore if it is your intention to create a business with a livable income.
Another consideration is the upcoming movement for untouched skin. Many people will turn from skin art as a form of self-expression and adopt a preference for smooth, unmodified skin. This will bring a decline in tattoo business, though how much I can not say. I can only speak of what I see on the horizon.
Thank you for your question. I hope this assists you in your decision.”~Aeleto.
(Photo:Adrian Boustead. CC0 License)


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