Question: Were There Dragons Walking the Earth at the Same Time as Humans?

“Were there dinosaurs walking the Earth at the same time as Humans?”~Querent.
“Yes. There are actually still a few remnants around the planet. I won’t say where they are, but they are known and well-protected.
As I mentioned previously, when I arrived on Ki, there were predators similar to a Spinosaurus that terrorized what is now the Middle East. They made a low vibration in their throat that sounded like tapping or a faint rumbling. When you could hear it, you were already too close to it and were in trouble. (I never heard one roar loudly as they do on movies.) It was a very unnerving sound–especially when heard at night from the other side of a stone wall.
We originally built the Zigurats with high, flat stone walls to keep them out. They still came to investigate.
There was no safety in the water because they were excellent swimmers, thought they didn’t dive deeply.
A large female chased a few members of our crew and those in the fortification were able to kill her with weapons. We severed her spinal cord with one shot, but she didn’t die right away. She had no control over her lower half, but she still tried to hoist herself up by her shoulders and snap at us. It took a clean shot through the skull behind her eyes to still her. Her skin was gray like an elephant with tiny patches of red, green and yellow so she could camouflage herself. Her eyes were green and gold and reminded me of a lizard. I saw no feathers of any kind on her.
We attempted to use her meat, but found that we could not butcher it quickly enough before it attracted other predators and began to rot.
We did make use of the bones and flesh. Her flesh was ‘tanned’ like a deer hide and used in waterproof/rain tarps. It was very thick and sturdy.
The bones made excellent musical instruments. I believe we have a few of them in safe-keeping that I may share one day.
There was also a marsh-dwelling dinosaur remnant with a duck bill. (I believe they call it a Hadrosaurus now. )They were very quiet and gentle and would move away if we approached. There weren’t many of them and we only saw a few times in small groups. They seemed reclusive.
Dinosaurs were not Dragons, but rather creatures that flourished from the abounding energy and nutrients Tiamat had once she was re-Terraformed after her collision with Nibiru.
Those were the only two types of dinosaurs that I have seen in person.
I am like Jurassic Park’s Dr. Ian Malcolm and do not think they should be reanimated for the sake of human entertainment, because that’s the only reason they would be brought back–to make money through their exploitation.
(My wife is a die-hard Jurassic Park fan,but even she agrees they should not be re-created.) Let them remain as the bones they are.
If BalMuhr is followed, this may be shared on Orion Oracle.”
~Lord Enki/Prince Ea of Nibiru (BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.)

Did Dinosaurs Walk the Earth the Same Time as Humans?

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