Questions: Do Dragons Cook?

“Do Dragons cook?”~Querent
“Yes, we do. We practice LiAmPeTu, ‘That-Which-Builds-the-Spirit-House’ or spiritual eating. We view food as that which builds the house that our Spirit dwells in, so we take great care in the foods’ preparation.
If it is meat, we eat similar to that of what the Hebrews refer to as Kosher.
We believe that eating meat that has been mistreated and that has felt fear before death taints the meat with the fear hormones. We believe that too much of this kind of hormone collects in the brain and causes problematic behavior. It can make connecting with the Divine difficult. Many choose Vegetarianism as their preferred diet. Prince Ea prefers this diet, as does BurMah.
I consume meat, but only special types. I have taken what is called ‘MiShahPulMahk‘ or ‘The Vow of the Holy Mother.’ What this means is that I never consume the flesh of an infant. (There are several parts to this vow–the eating vow is part of it.) I don’t eat veal or lamb–no babies, ever. And I don’t eat any Octopus, as this is a sacred animal to me–like a Shamanic Spirit Animal. (One should never consume an animal that is one’s Spirit Animal.)
Our foods are cooked in a special, sacred fashion by those in the Household who are in charge of cooking in a blessed manner. Family members can choose to be trained in this manner of cooking and bless it as they cook–it’s considered a sacred duty.
There is a invigorating vibration in this food when eaten. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been raised this way and are aware of it. There is much reward in LiAmPeTu eating.”~Aeleto.

(Photo: CC0 License)


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