Question: Is Time Travel Possible?

“Is time travel possible?” ~Querent.
“Yes, it absolutely is. There are a few different types of travel. There is the kind people think of from film, television and literature, where individuals apparate from one place or time to another. This should be done only when one is fully trained and prepared for what needs to be done or what is to come. This type of time travel works best for that which is absolute necessity, such as life-saving or life-changing of a few people.
The second type is transposing one’s consciousness on a past or future self to observe, learn, influence or help grow. This is a safer type of travel, because nothing is amiss to observers and travelers can experience with all the senses. This is not the same thing as visiting the Akashic Records.

The third type is a form of remote viewing of past, present, future and other worlds and dimensions. This is also safe, because one does not interact with those one observes. This type of travel is good for education. It can give one an opportunity to view different dimensions of the same space, because time overlaps the same space. This is how people can see past events that happened long ago in a space. It’s also a very useful way for Shamans to work through different times and communicate with the spirits who dwell and work in a place.

This is best done when properly trained by another Shaman in order to maximize the growth and learning of an experience–there are layers of learning in this type of experience.

The fourth type is sending of the conscious self to the past, present or future to interact with a loved one. This is most useful for offering support through a difficult time the loved one may be experiencing. If done correctly, the person receiving the visit will be the only one to see the visitor.

Time travel is very useful if done for the right reasons.”~Aeleto.


(Photo: Jordan Benton. CC0 License.)

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