Question: Do Dragons Believe in Tarot and Astrology?

“Do Dragons believe in Astrology, Tarot and Numerology?”~A Querent.
“Yes, we do. Many Dragons helped develop the knowledge behind them.
There are many Zodiac styles around the Universe. Dragons call the art of Astrology, ‘SpalMorshAh’–the Star Story. Each star in position relative to each planet, plays a role in influencing the life of the individuals on that planet. For those who live on more than one planet, they would have more than one Star Story. Walk-In Souls have more than one Star-Story.
Numerology is equally complex, as it affects many aspects of a person’s life, as is the Tarot.
Unlike what some say, these things do not draw in Demonic entities.
We do not believe in using Ouija boards, though. Those open doors that allow unwelcome entities . Tarot, Astrology and Numerology are all ways to learn about the self.”~Aeleto.
(Photo: CC0 License)


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