Question: What is a Ziggurat’s Purpose?

“What was a Ziggurat’s purpose?”
“A Ziggurat was a high-walled building used as a secure housing facility. Many of them had multi-story passages and rooms. The lack of large windows ensured it stayed cool inside. Older Ziggurats didn’t have windows, but rather walled corridors open to the sky. They would have electrified bars over them to keep the great eagles that once roamed the region from nesting or from capturing the Annunaki for food. Once they went extinct, the bars were used to grow fruit and vine flowers for shade.
When they were first erected in Eridu, they were used to protect the Annunaki the other large predators that roamed the region. (A type of remnant Spinosaurus roamed the region.) They did not have stairs then, but rather small doors that were flush with the walls when closed. The stairs were added later after the large predators died out.
They also served as science buildings. In the later periods, they were built with fortified, flat tops to support the weight of Shem and Mu, as landing pads.
Here’s where the story gets more interesting–the White Temple at Uruk was where Anu, King of Nibiru, would stay along with his wife, Antu, while visiting their children and grandchildren on Ki. It was not originally a temple of worship, but rather his lodging place. Uruk was the city of Utu, Anu’s great-grandson.
This temple is much older than its estimated age, as is obvious from its weathering.”
“And how do you know this?”
“Because I was there. My name is Prince Ea, firstborn son of Anu of Nibiru. On Earth I am known as Enki.”
“If I follow the law of BalMuhr, may I have your permission use this quote on Orion Oracle?”
“Yes, I am fine with that being shared.”
(Quoted from source as spoken, not one word changed or altered. Photo: Public Domain)


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