Question: Dragon & Annunaki Familial Intermarriage?

“I read that the Annunaki had family intermarriage. Do the Dragons have that, too? It seems more than a little gross.”~Querent.
“That is a relevant question. Regarding Homo Sapiens, it is an understandable and valid opinion.
Yes, Dragons have marriage between family members, just as the Nibiruans (and People from other star systems) do.
For us, our genetic codes are broadly varied and we don’t have the physiological effects of inbreeding that Homo Sapiens do. Our children don‘t suffer from same physical defects that Human children do.
With regard to familial relationships that result in marriage, that usually occurs in between 1/2 siblings or cousins that haven’t been raised together their whole lives. This gives them the mental frame of reference that they are individuals rather than our actual siblings. It would be difficult to view a person this way when you’ve grown up with sibling rivalry, as some have. Our aging patterns also help with this, as we all appear to be similar in age, which helps the perception of being peers.
It is unusual for fathers to marry daughters or mothers to marry sons, but it has happened. In these instances, special care is taken to ensure that the younger person is not being taken advantage of by the older person.
An interesting observation with familial marriages is that they are surprisingly long-lasting and the bonds remain strong.
Our intermarriage rates are declining, as new doors are opening to all with regards to marrying different types of Peoples.
Human familial intermarriage is not considered healthy, as the majority of their genes are inactive, resulting in recombination patterns that result in birth defects.”~Aeleto

(Photo: CC0 License)


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