Question: Significance of Numerology and Master Numbers?

“What is the significance of Master Numbers and Numerology?”~Querent
“As many know, we are living in a mathematical dimension–a mathematical-foundation matrix. Numerology is a tool that allows us to maneuver through the matrix, like a code that allows us to unlock and access certain gifts to move us forward or help us change course altogether. Most useful are the Master numbers.
22, or ‘Master Builder’ allows a person to access a variety of helpful situations that are found on what can be simply termed a vertical (or Y) axis. At certain points along the horizontal (or X) axis, 22s can pull from the Y axis from the positive or negative and deposit it on the X axis. This is why it is critical for 22/Master Builders to monitor their thoughts, because they can either build or ruin with them. Their thoughts literally become things–either weapons or building tools.
Master Empath is 11. These individuals are capable of moving along the X axis and reaching through to the positive and negative of the Y axis and to gather information that is not apparent to the naked eye in this dimension. This is one of the most valuable survival tools, as well as the most therapeutic tools a person can have.
33 is the Master Teacher. This person understands how to use 11 and 22 individually, how to combine them in this dimension and how to teach others how to do the same. 33 is the best teacher for 11 and 22. This world will begin to see more 33s to accommodate the increasing numbers of 11 and 22 users.
Those working on a path of Ascension–or (to quote my video game-playing grandchildren) ‘Leveling Up’– will often receive communications from their Spiritual or Dimensional Guides through repeated numbers or number patterns such as 1111 or 1010. Much knowledge has been accumulated and shared on how to interpret these for those who have not yet developed the ability to communicate telepathically with their Dimensional Guides and family members.
This Numeric communication ability has been a remarkable breakthrough for many who are moving into the Ascension space, because it can only be activated by positive development of the spirit and mind simultaneously. For those who have been wounded by modern religion, Inter-dimensional Numeric Communication has worked wonders at restoring faith that a higher source is concerned with their well-being.”~Prince Ea.
“I would like to expound on Ea’s description of 11 and 22.
The 11 and 22 come with a built-in safety feature. They are both active at birth, but can become inactive and the person can become a 2 or a 4 by choice. In other words, 11 and 22 is a choice of Ascension work. It’s not an automatic bragging right because you have to WORK to activate it and keep it working. It is also a tool that must be used for the benefit of all. Selfishness will cause a descent back to 2 or 4 and cause dormancy of the master numbers.
There is value in all Numbers. Master numbers are not to be considered a sign of superiority. They are to be considered tools to help others. A beautiful way to use this is in partnership. A master number individual can use their abilities to magnify the ability of their partner’s number. An example would be how 11 can use their abilities to magnify 7 through sharing in emotionally-expressive creativity.
Dragons are very mindful of Numerology and how we can best use it to make sense of our own journeys in this realm. It helps us to understand what is expected of us, of what we are expected to master in this life.
If BalMuhr is followed, this may be shared on Orion Oracle.” ~Aeleto
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Sources. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: CC0 License)


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