The Message of a Mole: Excerpt from an Intuitive Guidance Session

“What is the message of a mole?” ~Querent.

“When teachings and beliefs do not reach deep enough below the surface, they are not able to sustain what one feels is a truth. Dig deeper into one’s beliefs and teachings. Some of these concepts in the depths are detrimental to the obvious message. What is on the surface cannot be supported or nourished by the fundamentals in the realms of the unseen. They must be in alignment.
It would be good to look deep beneath the surface layer of teachings and beliefs to ensure that the truths in the depths are those that support and nourish what is being taught, rather than corrupting it.The damage of these destructive forces is not immediately visible. It rises slowly to the surface, but will become evident when the bloom spoils quickly. Rooting and removing these forces will also create room for fresh nourishing concepts that support the growth of what is being taught.

For perspective, imagine a plant. The environment fertilizes a strong root to create and sustain a bloom. A diseased root will kill the entire plant. It will not be saved. Aim for nourishment at the roots and work your way up, not from the leaf down.” ~Aeleto.

(Image: Ahmad Kanbar. CC0 License.)

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