Question: Are Dragons Immortal?

“Are Dragons immortal?”~Querent.
“Yes and no.
We don’t have preordained life spans like Humans do. We just live. There are things that can cause us to die, but those are rare.
There have been many times when an ancient dragon decides it is time to for them to move into another phase of existence. They’ve learned and done all they can in that incarnation. They can grow no more.They announce their intention to loved ones, make preparations and leave their bodies in a peaceful way. Quite recently, my Grandfather, Clyo, left us in this fashion.

We reincarnate, but only into other Dragon bodies. Our soul matrix doesn’t allow for us to attach to anything but a Dragon body. From a scientific standpoint, it is far to difficult to attempt with little to be gained from the effort.

Some Dragons walk-in to Human-hybrid bodies, as these we can attach our souls to. This practice is not limited to Dragons, but is one way we can live within the Human frame. (If you are interested in this phenomena, it can be researched. There are even world-wide organizations for Walk-Ins and many representatives would be happy to answer questions.)

In our language, the term is ‘StahnApMah’, which literally-interpreted means ‘Energy-Capsule-Being.’ (Sounds humorously Sci-Fi, doesn’t it?) I exist in this realm as an integrated StahnApMah, meaning I co-exist alongside an energy signature of the original inhabitant of my Human-hybrid frame.

So, to completely answer the question–yes, we can die if we choose to move on. No, we don’t have to choose to move on.”~Aeleto.



(Photo: CC0 License, Valeria Boltneva.)

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