Question: How Do Dragons View Death?

“Someone I was close to died unexpectedly last night. What do Dragons do when someone dies? Any comforting words would make me feel better right now. Thanks.”~A Querent.
First off, all of us here at Orion Oracle offer you the deepest sympathies of our hearts. We have all lost people we cared for and can share in and support you in your grief. Thank you for trusting us with your grief. It isn’t an easy thing to admit pain, let alone deal with it.
“Dragons are very empathetic people. When someone suffers a loss, we often return to our own past losses and will easily shed tears with those who are grieving. We understand that grief should not be an isolating feeling. We turn towards one another when we suffer losses and brace ourselves against one another. Just like the beams of a house that support the weight of a roof, each of us stands together to support the weight of grief. When a grieving person is left alone, grief can crush the heart and spirit. We do not recommend grieving alone. Seek out those who love you (even if they are grieving, too) and talk about how you feel. Cry as though you are wringing out your heart like a water from a wet cloth. Over time, your heart will return to a more recognizable and functioning place and you will begin to move forward again. Keep talking. Keep crying. Don’t bottle up your grief. To offer the wisest of words from Robert Frost, ‘The best way out is always through.'”~Aeleto.
“I consider myself an expert on death. As the father of 19 LIVING children and 17 deceased children, I am no stranger to loss. I believe I’ve spent the majority of my life in some stage of grief. When one was over, another would begin. It’s a never ending cycle for some of us…but one you can learn to live through.
My advice is to think of the one thing that shone most brightly to you about your loved one and secure it in your mind like a jewel that represents them alone. One of my children had the warmest laugh I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard another like it. I can focus on remembering it and can pull him forward in time to me. It is a happy memory that I have held on to for thousands of years and in that memory, he still exists in me. He is not forgotten.
No one who is loved is forgotten. That’s an impossibility.”~Prince Ea/Enki/Shiva
(BalMuhr followed. Written as spoken by Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: Public Domain Quote by Robert Frost.)


Robert Frost.jpg

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