Question: Annunaki Sacrificed?

“In Ancient Sumerian texts, it states that the Annunaki ‘slaughtered a god’ to create Human beings? Is that true?”~Querent.
“No. No Nibiruan was sacrificed to create Humankind. There would have been penalties for such an act. The words have been mistranslated.
What is interpreted as ‘slaughter’, actually means ‘a sacrifice of blood.’ One does not have to murder someone to give blood. People donate blood every day. They get blood drawn every day for medical procedures.
Myself and my sister, Ninmah, (and to correct another misinterpretation, NinMah is not ‘NinKi’–‘NinKi’ is the formal title of my wife. EnKi means ‘Chief Science Officer of Earth’ “NinKi’ means ‘Wife of the Chief Science Officer of Earth.’ It’s a title. At that time, NinKi was my former wife, DamKina. Now it is Molinara.) donated our blood and genetic material to assist in the genetic creation of Mankind. That is what the text means when interpreted correctly.
No Annunaki were killed to create Mankind. My father would never have allowed that to happen.”~Prince Ea/EnKi/Shiv.
(BalMuhr followed. Quoted as spoken from Source. Not one word altered or changed.
Photo: Public Domain. Sumerian image of Enki, NinMah, Adapa and Titi.)


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