On the Law of Attraction (Excerpt from a Recent Intuitive Guidance Session)…

Excerpt from a recent intuitive guidance session concerning the Law of Attraction…

Alira's Dragon Mandala

“If one clings too tightly to wanting a thing one does not have or a situation one is not in, it is likely to persist. If one has to vigorously pursue something that continually eludes, that means one is not a match for it on an energetic level.
That is the time to step back and ask one’s self, ‘What about me is not a match to what I want? What do I do that makes me incompatible with what I desire?’  Then, focus on developing the qualities that allow one’s self to love the self and let go of viewing the thing or situation as an extension of the self.

One’s worth is not attached to a thing or a situation. It takes a lot of work–it is no easy task–but if done with sincerity and persistence, one can let go and release the attachment of identity to a thing or situation. One can come to a place where it can easily be said, ‘I will be grateful if this thing comes to me. I will be fine if it doesn’t. My worth and happiness are not contingent on a thing or situation.’

Often, when this place is reached, the things one wants will find them without effort. Many times, one will find they have outgrown the original thing or situation and have moved into the space of accepting something better and more in line with who they have become.

It’s an interesting phenomenon– one must work on the self to make a match and bring the desired thing into view, only to find something much better arises as a reward for the work.” ~Aeleto

(Dragon Mandala created for Alomien by Jaguarwombyn.)

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