Indigo Children: Excerpt from Session.

“I have been told I am an Indigo, an Empath. I’m constantly searching for something but not entirely sure what. I never feel like I am at my real home. I have dreams of places that do not exist on earth or movies.”~Querent comment.
“Searching is a common issue for many people. It is the way we learn about our souls. We just have to be open, understanding and compassionate with ourselves and others when we find that the answers lie in strange places that we never expected to find them. When we are that way, more answers easily are revealed to us.
Indigo and Crystal are terms used for soul blueprints to help identify basic soul missions and the gifts we carry to help others along our journeys. We may not always recognize we can use these gifts for ourselves, too. They can often be mistaken for burdens.
It is also common to see our past lives or other dimensions where our souls have existed (or are concurrently existing). Those memories can be used to help us understand why we do the things we do, fear the things we fear or value the things we value. Ki/Earth is the home of origin of very few souls. Only the Djinn who are on this planet were created here. No one feels truly at home on Ki. That is her nature. She is young and restless, yet.
We hope these words offer comfort in letting you know, you’re not alone in those feelings.”

(Photo: Irina Kostenich. CC0 License)


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