Dragon Commentary: On Being ‘Extra’

Aeleto and Prince Ea’s thoughts on being “Extra”–excerpt from a recent discussion.
“I love it when I meet ‘Extra’ People like myself. Who wouldn’t want to meet a Kindred Spirit?! When someone is Extra, it might not be a cry for attention…perhaps that is just who they are? I am Extra because I was born that way. I’ll be that way until I die.
I admire the Extra people who came before me. They opened the door for me. I now am Extra and I help open the door for those closeted Extra Babies who want to relax and be themselves. We are the best company!” ~Aeleto.
“I am an Extra person, too. I was (as Aeleto so precisely stated) a ‘closeted Extra Baby’ until my mid-teens when I met a person who made me feel comfortable expressing my emotions in all their forms and with much vigor. It has not always helped me gain people’s positive impressions, but it has made me feel better–like I said what I needed to say, how I needed to say it.
I found being Extra most useful in musical theater. I once played Dr. Frankenfurter and found him to be the most delightfully Extra character–one with whom I could identify on more than one level. I feel his character was a door-opener for many Extra Babies.
I am still somewhat reserved in public, just because of my career and position. At home, I am quite Extra–as is Molinara. Our household is never boring. She calls me ‘Extra-Terrestrial.’ It’s true.
My advice is relax and be yourself. You may not win many friends being Extra, but those who do admire you will be your loyal friends for your lifetime, so it’s worth the effort.”~Prince Ea/Enki/Shiv.
(Photo: Public Domain)



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