Question: How Can Dragons Help Others?

“What kind of things can Dragons do for people who aren’t Dragons or related to them? Do they only help their kind?”~Querent.
“We are interested in teaching and helping those who seek to learn, grow and contribute. Our help is not limited to our People and families alone.
We can assist and support those who are undergoing spiritual growth and transformation by teaching and guiding. Our energy pushes individual change forward.
Our energy is good for helping groups and communities undergoing change to speed the process along.

We help those who are learning to understand and love their dark sides, especially those who are in Shamanic or Pagan Priest/Priestess training phases. We also help solitary practitioners.

We are good with helping others to understand the purpose and method of time travel and how to use the knowledge gained for deeper spiritual growth.

Our upcoming work will focus heavily on Dragons who are struggling with depression and suicide. We will be working with them on taking their power and identity back and releasing those thoughts of sadness and death so they can move into full lives of happiness and contribution–the kind of lives they should be living.

Another focus will be on redefining the meaning of marriage to give it a more full-bodied, spiritual beauty. Marriage, for Dragons, is unadulterated magic. Dragons don’t divorce because we move into that realm with great reverence. To a Dragon, marriage is a living practice of the most sacred of Magicks, because it brings to the surface the Darkness and Light in each person. These efforts will be to not only strengthen couples, but prepare them to create the kind of Children who Earth/Ki will lovingly carry into the future.

These are things that anyone with a
n intention of moving into the future prepared to face themselves (and the work ahead of them) can learn and benefit from, without regard to whether they are Dragon-kind or not.”~Aeleto.

(Photo: Kaniz Sheikh. CC0 License)


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