On Asking for Favors from the Fae…

A comment shared after listening to Mr Pat Noone, a farmer from East Galway, Ireland, speak on asking for favors from the Fae.

“Fae are in essence, Dragon People. (Any people with Dragon blood or magical blood are counted as Dragons by Dragons. Our word is “EschPiAhKAh”, meaning ‘We count all Dragon blood among our relatives.’ I will expound more on this concept in the future.) With that being said, we all follow a form of ‘BiNamPah’–our name for the Universal Law of Equivalent Exchange.
Fae do nothing for free. Dragons do nothing for free. It is up to the individual Faerie/Scythian/Sidhe or Dragon to decide what to ask in exchange for a favor. It could be anything–yes, even a life. But not necessarily through killing.
I’ve known of Fae women who asked for a child as payment–meaning they wanted to BEAR their own hybrid child–so the father must offer to inseminate and then leave forever, to never know the child. A thousand or more years ago, that would have been an insult to an Irish (or Scottish) man, as his children were his pride. That would be a form of giving a “life” as payment, not necessarily through killing or taking a person’s relative. Most Fae would not have a use for death, unless it was a blood price, meaning retribution for Human killing Fae.
As Mr. Noone correctly stated, you never know what Fae will ask for, so don’t ask unless you’re desperate and willing to give an even exchange.” ~Aeleto

(Photo: CC0 License)




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