Question: What are Faeries?

“What are Faeries? Are they good or evil?”~Querent.
“A brief definition of the Fae People of Ireland would be the Tuatha De Danann, many of whom are a mixture of Dragon and other Humanoid intermarriages. They are also known as Scythians or Sidhe.

I like them; I believe them to be good people. One may consider me biased in this opinion, as they are relatives. Others may not agree, as they can be cruel when crossed. (But can’t we all be cruel when angered?)

I will say no more on the Sidhe as a representative of the Fae People will be stepping forward to offer a more descriptive account of the Sidhe in the future, as is it is their place to speak for themselves.

It may be a surprise to all when their identity is brought to light. It will be an enlightening and exciting time in Irish history when this story is told, with many puzzles solved and questions answered.”~Aeleto


(Image: Public Domain)

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