Question: How Can I Make It Easier to See My Past Lives?

“How do I make it easier to see my past lives? I know a little about two previous lives here and so far they all suck. Or it’s demons/spirits/guides that used to talk to me but now they don’t speak as often.”~Querent question.
“Thank you for your question. It is a valid one. There are several components to your inquiry and I will divide my answer to address each.
As with all things, this journey begins in the self. One must not look outside the self for the answers. Others may offer glimpses of one’s past lives, but it is our own responsibility to search within ourselves for the answer. To rely solely on someone else answering our questions about who we were or our lessons is a haphazard way of doing Spiritwork and one is more easily taken advantage of by Ifrits (malignant Djinn/Demons) that way. They will tell you any number of half-truths just to hook your heart and string you along like a fool.
That is one reason why I don’t do past life or soothsaying for individuals. I only prognosticate what is for the benefit of all. I will, however, offer guidance and teach a person to do the work themselves.

In Spiritwork, there is no laziness. One must face their own ugly issues and learn from them.
I don’t use the term ‘slaying one’s Dragons’ for obvious reasons. I believe it displays more wisdom to look at one’s darkness head-on and make a friend of it rather than trying to slay it. Darkness can’t be slain. It just shifts its shadow elsewhere.
I would advise to start with learning meditation. One cannot access one’s information without first being a master of one’s own mind. Once the mind is calm, the doors can be opened for understanding not only past lives (which aren’t as important as some might believe. Their benefit lies in highlighting themes and lessons we are focusing on for our growth, as well as on who the key players in our lives are and have been. Very rarely do they make problems completely evaporate. Knowing about them is not a cure-all.)
Meditation, in itself, is an excellent aid for many conditions. I find it decreases anxiety, provides some relief from depression. A machine can become ruined from overheating from overuse. Such is the mind. Meditation is like shutting down the mind for maintenance so it does not overheat from overuse. Meditation opens the doors to allow for communication from the SpiritWorld.
There are exercises that can be learned for beginning communication with the SpiritWorld. My favorite starts in the Shamanic world with Spirit Animals, as it is a safe meditation.
Before beginning any exercise, one must always protect themselves from malignant Ifrits and Ghouls. I recommend this be by an energetic cleansing and aligning with one’s protective forces and using protective aids, like salts, crystals and sacred smoke. Spiritual/Mental shielding is essential. Stating protection intent and visualizing that intent is helpful.
Finding a Shamanic teacher is wise, especially if it is a Shaman from one’s own ethnic origins. (There are many Nature Spirit Teachers [Non-Djinn] of our ancestral origins with whom we can connect to learn Spirit Growth practices.) At times, we may connect more easily with the Spirit Practices of other countries because we were at one time from those regions in our previous incarnations. Those who are from these regions and practices should be mindful not to be too critical of those who observe foreign spiritual practices and are of different races. They may have been another race in a previous incarnation and are simply adopting what they knew and loved in their past lives. A good Shamanic teacher will understand this and be able to teach discernment between benevolent and malignant entities.
As for the quality of our past lives, none of us is guaranteed an easy life at birth. It is possible that the past lives of every person alive anywhere have been flooded with difficulties. They are also filled with good moments and blessings, should we choose to acknowledge them.”~Aeleto.


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