On Belittling Others: Excerpt from an Intuitive Guidance Session

“It can be difficult mastering NOT belittling others, very difficult. I have had to correct myself in this.
In belittling others’ thoughts and opinions, we create an unwanted and uninvited wrestling match between two egos. One ego is determined to validate their thought/opinion at the expense of another, to pin the other’s thoughts down as if to say, ‘Mine is the right one.’
Instead, wouldn’t it be wiser to set our thought/opinion to the side, saying to ourselves, ‘Let’s listen and see what we can learn from the other.’
The value of listening to others’ opinions is that we may find our own truth strengthened, rather than weakened. In being determined to listen to and understand others’ thoughts and opinions, we don’t unintentionally alienate those who we may day count as allies.I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need allies.” ~Aeleto.

Belittle the Thoughts.jpg

(Image: Keshia Africa.)

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