Meet Our Dragons…

Dragons have existed on Earth since before Homo Sapiens. For many years, Dragons lived among humans–loving them, protecting them, considering them family.

Times changed and new religions and philosophies were introduced to mankind, creating differences of opinion and causing rifts between Dragon Peoples and Human Kind. Those families who were made of both Human/Dragon blood began to hide their identities and keep their family bloodlines a secret. Though they kept their secrets, they did not destroy their records and refused to choose one family blood line over another. They began to live their Dragon lives quietly, similar to wizards and witches living among Muggles. The Dragons vanished from view until they would once more be welcomed and accepted.

It was foretold that a time would come when not only Dragons, but other groups of Peoples who also have inhabited Earth since before Humans, would once more come forward and claim their place living on Earth’s surface. All of Earth’s inhabitants would be allowed to choose for themselves how they would live their lives and who they would embrace as lovers–who they would create families with.

It was also foretold (though Promised would be a more applicable term) that teachers, guides and assistance from all groups would arrive before this time to help prepare for this transition. Many ancient texts would have referred to this as “Gods returning”–an easy way for Humans to understand that those who would step forward to teach, assist and guide would not all be Human.

This time has arrived and the “Gods” can be re-named as Guides and Teachers. They are coming forward to do as they promised–to usher in a new era of growth and expansion for not only Homo Sapiens, but all Peoples. They are coming forward in ways that make their assistance available to all who are interested in accepting it, regardless of financial or societal station. These teachers have been chosen by their Peoples, trained as ambassadors to represent their People.

The Orion Queens have brought forth on Earth/Ki four Queen Ambassadors, along with their Kings/husbands.

Two of these ambassadors are contributors to Orion Oracle, as well as two Orion Dragon-hybrid children with extensive historic, spirit-science and scientific knowledge concerning Earth and the Universe.

Aeleto, and her husband, Burmah, both are appointed ambassadors and educators for the Orion Dragon Queens and the Houses they serve and protect.
Aeleto, is a third generation Queen from her grandmother’s House of Skalka. Burmah is a fourth generation King under the Houses of Skalka and Aln.
They presently work together in all dimensions to advance knowledge among their human-hybrid family of their ancestral culture and to improve understanding and relationships among all Peoples of the Universe.
Aeleto is an artist, poet and public speaker/educator dedicated to increasing public understanding of the roles and responsibilities of contemporary Orion Draconians and their hybrid children on Earth.
Burmah, is a life-long scientist and educator who is dedicated to preservation of education in our modern Draconian/Hybrid societies.
Aeleto and Burmah have 17 children and 556 grand children and great-grandchildren, whom they value above all things. They enjoy dancing, playing music, traveling and spending time with their beloved family.
Aeleto is physically present in this dimension as a Walk-In and uses her intuitive strengths to educate and guide others in better understanding themselves and the themselves and the world around them.

Prince Ea and his wife, Molinara, have also graciously volunteered to serve as historical and spirit-science contributors for Orion Oracle. Prince Ea is more commonly known as Enki and Shiv, as well as Akhenaten and many other historical personages throughout history. His wife, Molinara, has been known as Sati/Parvati and Tara. Both are of Orion Dragon descent through the Houses of Aln and Skalka.

(All Dragons on Orion Oracle contribute of their own free will and all stories and quotes shared follow the Law of BalMuhr.)


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