Question: Was TiAmat a Dragon?

“Was TiAmat a Dragon?”~Querent.
“No,TiAmat is Earth/Ki’s name.
TiAmat is a conscious being. The Earth has a soul and consciousness, as do the other planets. Her Consciousness’s age would be similar to that of a 9 year-old girl.
Nibiru’s destruction of her was traumatizing for her, so we have those who work with her therapeutically, to help her move forward with her development.
That’s a beautiful fact most don’t know. TiAmat is a living creature. She knows what is going on. She’s knows if she’s being mistreated.
She’s a sweet girl. Very sensitive and gregarious. All the more reason to love her and be kind to her.
We Dragons love her very much. We are fiercely protective of her.”~Aeleto.
(Photo by Marta Bevacqua Photography.)

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